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There are lots of freelancers, who in search of their freedom, quit their 9 to 5 jobs and opted to become a freelancer, generating the income and working in the way they like. Any freelancer is never guaranteed a fixed income at the end of the month, but the freelancing guarantees are the freedom is doing the work, depending on the wishes. The freelancing always guarantees a flexibility in the working time and this is what is inspiring many young talents in opting for their own work in place of regular Day Jobs.

Any person who has been seen as quitting their jobs, opt for the various tasks, like their own portal and working on it along with working for some clients. But, where to find those clients?

While, some of them have the clients, captured through various means, there is a huge population of freelancers, who opt to work on some freelance websites to get regular clients.

Let’s discuss those Best Freelance Websites, which help these freelancers in grabbing some clients:

Some famous names among freelancing websites are mentioned below:

Contents – Best Freelance Websites

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PPH -Best Freelancing Websites

There’s no blog on freelancing websites, which can end without mentioning the name of peopleperhour. Considered as one of the Best Freelance Websites, which keeps the interest of both the freelancers and Clients, equally, the website offers a marketplace for lots of jobs spread out to the entire Digital marketing and even to other jobs like photography, etc. There’s absolutely no reason not to join this freelancing website.

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  • Option to create hourlies
  • A minimum work rate ensures freelancers are not underpaid for their jobs
  • A Low minimum threshold amount
  • Hourly Basis jobs
  • Fixed rate jobs
  • Lots of jobs available


  • None – Best Freelance Websites

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Freelancer -Best Freelancing Websites

Another freelancers’ favorite, is one of the Best Freelance Websites which is also among the oldest Freelance Websites in the World and features a huge number of clients and freelancers. Featuring lots of jobs available ranging from all spheres of Digital Marketing and others, the website offers a huge list of job availability to the people.


  • Apps availability to work with
  • Chat window availability to chat with the clients
  • A huge number of jobs available


  • No option to create own offerings – Best Freelance Websites

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One of the oldest Freelance websites was once among the only source of earning for most freelancers, the Upwork, one of the Best Freelancing Websites has a lot to offer to the clients and freelancers. This website has laid down a foundation and inspired many people towards opting for the freelancing ways and starts their own venture. In fact, it was once the crowd’s favorite and still holds ground. Previously recognized as, this website got a rebranding in recent years.


  • A huge number of jobs available
  • Mobile Apps available
  • Provides the marketplace for the highest number of clients and freelancers


  • Getting a new account is now a difficult task, especially for the freelancers possessing similar skills – Best Freelance Websites

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Fiverr -Best Freelancing Websites

Started out as a marketplace for the gigs with just 5 dollars, the Fiverr has been one of the world’s favorite Best Freelance Websites. Offers lots of gigs and a huge marketplace for both the clients and freelancers, there is no dearth of options for the people looking for the jobs

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  • Variety of gigs can be offered
  • The option now doesn’t stick to the 5 dollars; with the projects ranging from 5 dollars to 10000 dollars.


  • No direct job posting by the clients
  • The freelancers have to rely upon their gigs to generate income – Best Freelance Websites

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Guru -Best Freelancing Websites

One of the oldest Best Freelance Websites, Guru has a huge list of clients and freelancers on the platform. With all the range of jobs available, the freelancers can choose from the digital marketing to multimedia and from management & finance to sales and others.


  • A huge number of jobs available
  • Offers platform not only for Digital Marketers but also for the lawyers and many more


  • Getting a job is slightly difficult as compared to other platforms

Other Best Freelance Websites – Another worthy name, which is an Indian Website, offering a platform for the freelancers. – Another worthy name in the list offering a good platform for getting freelancing works, speedlancer can be considered as among many others options available with freelancers. – Only for the WordPress Developers, the website is just for the services of the WordPress developers and their expertise – Perfectly suited for the designers, this is the marketplace for the designers to get a freelancing job – Another good choice for the freelancing, but since Toptal promises to bring the top 3% of freelance talent just for you, the working process is quite different from other Freelancing Websites.

What are the Best Freelance Websites?

Here is the list of Best Freelance Websites:

  • Peopleperhour
  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Guru
  • speedlancer
  • codeable
  • 99designs
  • Toptal
  • Worknhire

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