10 Best Humor Websites


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With all the fun dyeing each day, and people more focused towards earning money, more frustrated over increments and all, you must take some time out of your frustrations and busy schedules to bring in some dose of fun and humor in your life!

Here, we present some Best Humor Websites or Funny websites to visit, which you can explore to get you out of your boredom!

9gag.com – Best Humor Websites


Can anyone beat this website, when it comes to the ranking among the Best Humor Websites? 9gag has been here for quite a while, and has established a supremacy over the internet when it comes to entertaining visitors with their humor quotient. Ranked among the Best Humor Websites, 9gag is the best option for someone who is looking for the humor and fun! Watch videos, gifs, read posts and have all at one place, when we talk about 9gag!

cracked.com – Best Humor Websites


Another in the list of the Best Humor Websites, Cracked is the website, which offers quite a reasonable amount of humor quotient. However, when it’s compared to the 9gag, its lag behind by quite a margin, as cracked is also focused on various other topics, apart from humor! Browse this website for lots of news, entertainment and information!

ebaumsworld.com – Best Humor Websites


Another of a gem in the list of the Best Humor Websites, which offers you, lots of time out of your boredom! With lots of articles focused to keep you awaken and at a distance from your boredom, explore this website to collect some gunny moments in your life!

somethingawful.com – Best Humor Websites


Somethingawful is just another website, which can provide you great moment of joy and happiness, entertainment and engagement! When it comes to the really interesting news like ‘Petition to Force Nintendo to Restore Tifa’s Huge Breasts in the FF7 Remake’ and something like that, you will not find it anywhere else than the Somethingawful!

collegehumor.com – Best Humor Websites


Find the funniest stuff on the internet at CollegeHumor! Among the Best and Top Humor Websites, the CollegeHumor offers a complete package of gunny and humor filled stuffs to explore! With lots of Videos and other stuff, you will never get bored browsing through this website for sure! So, get out of your boredom with CollegeHumor!

acidcow.com – Best Humor Websites


Another website in the list of the Best Humor Websites, which offers lots of pictures and videos to make your day, AcidCow offers the same fun and humor as the name suggests! Get out of your boredom and explore lots of free stuffs available on the internet to make your day filled with fun and humor!

cheezburger.com – Best Humor Websites


One of the biggest names in the world of humor, the Cheeseburger offers unbelievable package of funs and humor! The Cheeseburger offers everything, which you are in need of to make your day humorous and fun filled. Explore lots of articles, memes, pictures, gifs, videos and other stuff to the fullest to best boredom!

funnyordie.com – Best Humor Websites


As the name suggests, the Funnyordie is a good source of humor, but not truly complementing the name! The stuffs are still fun filled and enough to bring humor in your life! However, you may find some boring articles, which may not appeal you, in the humorous way! But still, it’s considerable and worth visiting!

quickmeme.com – Best Humor Websites


Are you fond of memes? If yes, this is the perfect place for you! Quickmeme offers you the complete list of memes which you can explore to fie reading and watching them! With nothing else, except memes, don’t expect anything else on the website. However, it’s a guarantee that you will not return empty handed when it comes to the fun and humor.

funnyjunk.com – Best Humor Websites


With all the funny junk, the Funnyjunk offers you a huge treasure of the funny junk materials to explore at website! This website can be easily among your favorites among the Best Humor Websites and Funny websites to visit, which you can browse through daily to get a daily dose of humor and fun!

What are the Best Humor Websites?

Here is the list of Best Humor Websites:

  • 9gag
  • Cracked
  • Ebaumsworld
  • Somethingawful
  • Collegehumor
  • Acidcow
  • Cheezburger
  • Funnyordie
  • Quickmeme
  • Funnyjunk

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