5 Best Paranormal Websites

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Are you the one who likes to explore paranormal activities? Are you the one interested in Ghost Real Stories and exploring them closely?

If you are reading this article, surely you are the one like me, who likes to explore the ghostly activities across the world and curious to know their presence and many more! But what are those websites, which you follow for satiating your curiosity? If you aren’t sure about those best websites for exploring Paranormal Activities, TechnoMusk offers you a list of those Best Paranormal Websites, which you can bookmark at your browser to satisfy your thirst for the ghost real stories. Take a sneak peek:

theppa – Best Paranormal Websites

Please visit: http://www.theppa.net/

theppa - Best Paranormal Websites

theppa.net is the official website for The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association and thus the genuineness of the stories and spooky material shared on the website is beyond any question mark.

The website features all the investigation files, case stories, the photos, videos, and Audios for the haunted/spooky places, for which The Pennsylvania Paranormal Association is being called for the inspection by the residents. There are so many case files and investigation reports that you will end the whole year reading those and satiating your hunger for the spooky truth!

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theparanormal – Best Paranormal Websites

Please visit: http://theparanormal.ca/

theparanormal - Best Paranormal Websites

This is another website in the list of Best Paranormal Websites which seems to share real ghost content on its website. Coupled with lots of videos, spooky videos, stories, UFO Sightings, Unsolved mysteries this website is a treasure for the enthusiastic like me to browse all the content material shared; however, it will take lots of time and maybe years to go through the complete content materials.

Seems a genuine website with the genuine ghost materials, the exploration of this website will be a real deal. However, my journey is on already; what are you up to?

livescifi – Best Paranormal Websites

Please visit: http://livescifi.tv

livescifi- Best Paranormal Websites

Live Sci-Fi TV, a website full of ghost stories, news, is one of the best sources for the people in search of the spooky materials. The website offers an option to watch live those ghost hunters, who are in airing for some haunted places.

The website serves as a place for the ‘video on demand’ from paranormal investigators; this website is a real source of entertainment with Ghosts. Featuring lots of creepy news, and several real ghost stories, the website is sure to be bookmarked. Take a cup of coffee, sit with the lights off, and browse through the materials shared on the website, and who knows you will never browse through the website again due to fear!

hauntedplaces – Best Paranormal Websites

Please visit: https://www.hauntedplaces.org

hauntedplaces - Best Paranormal Websites

This is another website, which shares a huge collection of haunted materials on its website, and offers a huge collection for the spooky lovers. Offering you a selection of places based on the map of the USA, UK, Australia, and Canada, the website shares a huge collection of details for the lovers of ghosts.

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The website also offers an option to ‘Submit Location’, so if you have any such ghostly location, submit here.  With lots of videos and review materials, the website offers a large collection to explore; however, the genuineness of the materials shared on this website is unknown to TechnoMusk.

yourghoststories – Best Paranormal Websites

Please visit: https://www.yourghoststories.com

yourghoststories - Best Paranormal Websites

Your Ghost Stories, servings as a portal for lots of ghost stories, photos and videos can be regarded as one of the Best Paranormal Websites. For the people looking to read lots of haunting stories, watch spooky pictures and videos, the website can surely serve the purpose. Offering the option to submit stories, at their portal, also imbibe a sense of confusion if the ghost stories available at the website are real or not!

What, we (ghost lovers) love to go through, are the real stories of those people from another world, who sometimes back belonged to our world. However, serving as a source to kick start our journey for the Ghost stories and go through several paranormal Stories, this website can be considered for sure!

While, all over the world, the sharing of various fake pictures (which are photoshopped) and videos (which are also manipulated) is increasing, differentiating among the real ghost pictures, spooky contents from the fake ones, is becoming difficult.

With the motive to grab people’s attention, lots of people are also seen as creating the fake paranormal activities at their places. While there are some fake videos and pictures, there are millions of cases, which are true and are shared at some of the websites, like theppa.net, as mentioned in the article. The exploration of the world of unknown will continue!

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What are the Best Paranormal Websites?

Here is the list of Best Paranormal Websites:

  • theppa
  • theparanormal
  • livescifi
  • hauntedplaces
  • yourghoststories

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