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In this fast paced life, there are still some people who have no dearth of time. What can be said about those unique pieces, who are still looking for the ways to kill their time, as they are full of free time! Its seems very unrealistically to assume, how can a person have so much time that he/she is looking for the ways to kill time online. But, still exceptions are always available in the world, and those lazy people, are no more than exceptions.

For those beloved users, TechnoMusk has thought to assist them in how to kill time. While, the Internet is full of websites, there is no dearth of options for the people who are looking for such websites, which can kill your time without any worry. People feel equally entertained all the time and even don’t have a realization of the amount of time wasted.

Here’s the list of those interesting Best Websites to Kill Time:

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findtheinvisiblecow - Best websites to kill time

The internet is full of strange things. The strangeness of the internet can be assumed to some extent with this website. But, use this website and have the feeling of what you are supposed to do here, you need a headphone. As the name suggests, you need to find invisible Cows. Just hear the voice and find cow. Spend the whole day finding cows online and you will run out of time, with this website meant to kill time.

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how stuff works - Best Websites to Kill Time

Are you a curious person, who want to know, how stuff works, or if your mind is flooded with several questions related to the aspects of the world. If you are, this website is surely for you. Answering all your queries (which most of the thulla or Phoket Minds can think), this website can answer all your queries. Browse the website and get the answers to queries arising within your time. You have the whole day, and this website have the whole day to bear the burden of all sorts of your queries!

Please visit: – Best Websites to Kill Time

Never underestimate the power of a mouse pointer. In normal conditions, you may have moved the mouse pointers, thousands of times, without noticing any effect on the screen. But this website is quite a different one. It takes care of your efforts in moving the mouse pointer and in a way to appreciate it, it offers something special for you, each time you move your mouse pointer. Want to know, what’s that thing is? Let’s open the website and you will get to know it on your own on how to kill the time with this website.

Please visit: – Best Websites to Kill Time

Don’t go by the name; sometimes the names are just an illusion. ‘As the name suggests’, phrase can’t be used in the case of this website. Want to know why? Don’t be so lazy! Just click on the link and get to know what we are talking about. Of course you have the whole day and you can bother to spend a minute in opening this website and check, what’s different in this website.

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Please visit: – Best Websites to Kill Time

Are you so lazy, you even don’t want to move your eyeballs. For those friends, who are searching for the Best Websites for Killing Time, here is one for you. This website offers livecams of several destinations across the world. Just click your favorite categories and keep watching live cam, all through the day!

Please visit: – Best Websites to Kill Time

As the name suggests, it’s seriously the useless web. The internet is flooded with so many websites, that exploring all cannot be possible. If you are bored with the web and want something fun to do. Check out the largest index of useless, pointless and weird websites and get a random website every time you click. It’s really a useless website, but is highly effective in killing your boredom.

Please visit:– Best Free Photo Sharing Websites

What can be among Best Websites to Kill Time other than Facebook ? Even, most office goers, students and all others spend a lot of time, in browsing through this website, while you are still a person, who want to spend the whole day. An addictive website, you can quite easily spend the whole day talking to your friends, commenting on people’s status, picking up a fight with any other person, browsing the pages of several businesses, writing reviews on their businesses (Do we need to say more?). Don’t think so!

Enjoy killing time with these Best Websites to Kill Time. If you still have sufficient time, spend some time commenting below and we will offer you more websites!


If you find yourself worrying about trivial things in life, you might want to give Magic8Ball a try. For those of you who don’t know, the Magic 8-Ball is a game with mysterious fortune-telling abilities. You may use it to get an answer by shaking the 8-ball or by asking simple yes-or-no questions. We are aware that with a little help, we can see a clearer window, and Magic8ball can provide that support for us.

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What are the Best Websites to Kill Time?

Check out the list of Best Websites to Kill Time:

  • findtheinvisiblecow
  • howstuffworks
  • pointerpointer
  • staggeringbeauty
  • explore livecams
  • theuselessweb
  • Facebook

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