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If you are a lover of knowledge and really loves to collect knowledge and information on all things around the world, there’s no limit to expanding your knowledge. All you need is the access to the internet and you will be ready to grab all knowledge and stats about the world, which you are craving for.

But what are those website, which can offer you that needed knowledge improvement without wasting the time of yours? Are there are a reliable source of information (as these days, the internet is full of unverified news, hoax news, false information)? Of course, there are certain websites, which can play a great part in the knowledge improvement and can help you in your journey of knowledge progress. Here’s the list:

Wikipedia – Best Knowledge Websites


No doubt, the first preference for the people to collect information about anything on the internet is the Wikipedia. I too, myself look towards the Wikipedia at first, for all kind of information and knowledge about anything. It’s a treasure of knowledge and you can collect anything you want to on Wikipedia. But is the information available at Wikipedia reliable? Yes of course.

The most reliable knowledge resource over the internet is Wikipedia, and that too free of cost. With the hyperlinking or internal linking, you can collect the information about anything, at the same moment, you click on it. What else can you demand? There’s no better source of knowledge over the internet than Wikipedia for sure!

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WikiHow – Best Knowledge Websites


If you are fond of knowing how particular things work, WikiHow is the best platform for you. As the name suggests ‘WikiHow’, it features how things work. It’s the world’s most popular how-to website and can easily educate you on ‘how to’ queries of yours.

Available in 17 different languages, it’s the online wiki-style database of how to guide. With the excellent set of articles available for you, there’s everything to get you out of your crunch situation. Even if your vehicle is not working, you should take the help of WikiHow on how to get rid of the choking troubles of your vehicle or any queries related to How-to.

Encyclopedia – Best Knowledge Websites

Encyclopedia, an online dictionary and Encyclopedia with pictures, facts, and videos, it’s a very helpful website for the readers, who are in search of useful articles on something. Featuring over millions of articles, there is always something unique, which this website can offer to the readers. It’s just an online library for you, where you can browse different articles depending on your needs of knowledge.

Britannica – Best Knowledge Websites

Britannica is just another website for knowledge grasping which features lots of information on everything. With Britannica, you can explore the fact-checked articles on almost everything on earth and beyond. With millions of articles, biographies, videos, and images as compiled and presented by experts, this is one of the most reliable sources of information on anything over the internet.

Just like Wikipedia, this act as one of the most varied source of information for the users. Also available are the quizzes, galleries, lists and a separate section of ‘On this Day’ to offer you something different from Wikipedia and thus establishing its own identity as one of the best websites for knowledge.

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Udemy – Best Knowledge Websites


Of course, this website serves you the need for the various courses online. While all other above mentioned websites can serve you the knowledge imparting, there’s no one, which can offer you videos on various courses. Udemy is one such website, which can offer you varied videos on several courses across different fields.

However not all courses are available free of cost and you need to pay a fixed amount to get the courses as offered. But, its still, worthy to pay the amount considering the varied courses and the quality of courses, you can have with Udemy.

The internet is full of knowledge. The only need is to explore the internet for something good. Stop wasting your time over the internet over browsing useless materials and websites and start exploring something meaningful, knowledge and information imparting sources like these Best Knowledge Websites.

What are the Best Websites to improve your Knowledge?

Here is the list of Best Websites to improve your Knowledge:

  • Wikipedia
  • WikiHow
  • Encyclopedia
  • Britannica
  • Udemy

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