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Are you looking for Registering a New Domain?

With many choices in front of the business owners, most often it leads to the confusion what to choose and what to leave behind. In fact, now the domain world is a huge web network with several domains availability.


Availability of domains is enormous

The choices are enormous and with so many choices available, the best choice most often comes a tedious one. However, if you look at the other side of the coin, with so much availability of choices for the domains, the entrepreneurs or aspiring business owners are offered with the widest choice to get registered a domain, which is a memorable and the best choice for their company and also at the same time, help their businesses towards reaching the maximum potential.

Here, we explore on what points a person should keep in mind, while registering a new domain from any domain registrar. Since, there are some risks associated and also some unexplored opportunities available with Domains, all Business Owners must know them before registering a new domain for themselves. So, here we go:

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Availability of new domain names

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, referred to by ICANN, a non-profit organization are the ones, which control and administer the Domains.

Domain extensions can be classified as generic original top level domains, or as country code top level domains & several other domains. Mentioning the entire list of all domains, here is almost an impossible task. Hopefully, we will cover this particular aspect, some other day for sure.

The domains like .biz, .net are the ones which are introduced by the ICANN and some other more liberalized domain extensions in the form of .work, .cars, .banking are also the ones, which came into an existence. You may or may not have noticed several websites having an extension .website, which is also gaining popularity. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers have gone step ahead with the introduction of several other big brand domain extensions like .microsoft, .apple, etc.

New Domain Extensions

With the liberalization of new domains by ICANN, the organization has received millions of applications in connection to the new Generic Top level domains in the form of .mobile, .space and many others.

To sum up, there are three different domain names types, which are currently in the market and people, can opt for in current scenario:

  • Closed domains: The companies, which intend to run GTLD for the own purpose can grab those domains. The companies Microsoft, Apple and others can be one of those.
  • Restricted Domains: This set of domains is available only for the restricted people. Here’s an example, the .london can only be booked by the people and businesses, which are located or based in London.
  • Open Domains: These are all other domains, which is open to all and can be registered for anything and by anyone.

Did You Know?
Have you heard of some Business niche categories like .online, .tv, .pizza, .photography, and even .blog.

Do you really need to buy a new domain name?

If you are in a dilemma, whether to buy a domain or not, let us tells you, domains can serve you as an identity. They can be helpful in setting up the brand image across the country. Using domains, you can provide extra information about your business. Also, you can opt for some specific domains, if your business is really focused on a particular location or niche. You can achieve the protection and better branding identity of your business and can explore new heights with the preferred domain extensions.

Which domain registrar to choose while Registering a New Domain?

This can be an irrelevant question. There are no such issues of any troubles associating with a domain registrar as the entire domain providers have to comply with the rules and regulations as laid down, internationally. Instead of focusing on the choice of domain registrars, you should focus on the choice of the best web hosting service, which offer you better speed, uptime and all needed securities for the successful run of a website.

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Tips while Registering a New Domain

Concluding, TechnoMusk would like you to offer some guidance and tips over the steps to the choice of perfect domain and Registering a New Domain.

  • Remember to make a choice of domain which reflects your business and services. Choosing irrelevant domain names and extension can be disastrous for your business.
  • An easy to remember domain will be the best choice. Make sure that the prospective customers need to put a heavy toll on their mind to recall your domain name.
  • The shorter, the better & the easier. The shorter domains are easier to recall.
  • Keep your future prospects open, while making the choice of the domain. Consider all the points, if the chosen domain and extension will stand true to your business and will carry your business to the new scales of height.
  • Make the right domain extension choice. Going wild over the choice will not take you anywhere near to the finishing line.
  • Prepare a list of desired domain names. It is guaranteed that, first few names, which you try to get, will not be available for sure. So, have the backup names.
  • Remember that the domains cannot be bought every day when it concerns your business. Take your time, deep research, have a proper analysis, take advices from your friends and be pretty damn sure over the choice and then buy a domain.

Remember that there are 460 million internet users in India, the second largest in the world (only next to China) and thus making the right choice of domain extension for your business is critical!

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