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Last Updated on July 4, 2019 by Rashid Hassan

The Digital Marketers must always stay tuned to the latest updates and happenings around the Digital world, which can help them, stay up to date with the latest technology, latest changes and the required change in their working process to offer more effectiveness in their working process. With the view to latest news and guides, the Digital Marketers must stay connected with some of the Top Digital Marketing News Websites, which can offer them a regular and consistent source of knowledge to sharpen or polish their Digital Marketing Skills.

TechnoMusk has listed down 10 such Top Digital Marketing Blogs, which every Digital Marketer, whether they are a fresher or an experienced campaigner, must bookmark in their browsers. Let’s take a look at Digital Marketing Blogs:

Moz – Digital Marketing Blogs

Most Digital Marketers must be aware of this Website; Moz, which is among popular Digital Marketing Blogs, offering lots of analysis data and tools, is somewhere lies in the heart of the Digital Marketers. But apart from the tools, data analysis, the MOZ has a platform of its own, which offers a guide on Digital Marketing Technique. The MOZ Blog platform, however, is not flooded with lots of articles, but on an average one article per 2 days, is perhaps what they meant to provide with is the quality and indeed they are getting a success in their efforts.

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Ahrefs – Digital Marketing Blogs

Another website, or perhaps a tool, which is beloved by the Digital Marketers; the Ahrefs is the tool, which offers lots of benefits to the professionals in the field of the Digital Marketing. The Ahrefs is widely famous for traffic analysis and backlink analysis; however, the blog section of this website is no less popular. You can easily bookmark the blog section of Ahrefs to get the quality consistent flow of knowledge in the field, even if the articles are published once per week!

SEMrush – Digital Marketing Blogs

Another favorite among the Digital Marketers for its research tools like keyword research and site audit, the SEMrush is the website whose blog section is no less, favorite. With lots of tips and guides on how to better the marketing skills digitally, the blog section of SEMrush, just like others aren’t flooded with irrelevant news, which doesn’t contribute to the Digital Marketers.

Cognitive SEO – Digital Marketing Blogs

With lots of case studies, SEO Insight and social insights, the Cognitive SEO is one website which offers lots of quality articles on latest techniques involved in the digital marketing. The Cognitive SEO provides the hugely effective working tips and guides to the Digital Marketers on how to better the digital marketing technique and carry out the process well. So, if you are looking for really working tips and guide, it would be better if you stick to Digital Marketing Blogs like Cognitive SEO.

Search Engine Land – Digital Marketing Blogs

News On Search Engines, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the Search Engine Land is one of the top Digital Marketing Blogs, currently. However, with lots of articles and publications, the readers some time, feel the articles aren’t that pinpointed towards their niche of choice. One must, however, remember that the Search Engine Land is not purely focused on offering news on SEO, and covers various segments on Marketing and thus, the articles published are varied.

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Search Engine Journal – Digital Marketing Blogs

Same like Search Engine Land, the Search Engine Journal is one of the Digital Marketing Blogs, which has more or the same fundamentals as Search Engine Land.

Search Engine Watch – Digital Marketing Blogs

With loads of news and guides, the Search Engine Watch is another Top Digital Marketing Blogs, which features lots of well written and extremely perfectly curated articles on various topics related to the Digital Marketing.

Marketing Land – Digital Marketing Blogs

Following the same features as that of Search Engine Land and Search Engine Journal, the Marketing Land offers a similar set of articles and knowledge resources to the readers and interested ones belonging to the Digital Marketers.

Raventools – Digital Marketing Blogs

Raventools, widely famous for various tools required for the better analysis of websites, the blog section of Raven Tools, offers a dose of well-written articles to the Digital marketers looking for the quality publications belonging to the niche.

SEO Round Table – Digital Marketing Blogs

With lots of SEO Related articles, updates and a complete roundup of the whole Digital Marketing, the SEO Round Table is indeed a website which offers quality information to the Digital Marketers. With great quality articles, and case studies related to various topics of Digital marketing, the website has a lot to offer to the professionals belonging to the Digital Marketing and can be regarded as among the Top Digital Marketing Blogs.

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