Google Adsense Alternatives for Adult Websites

Google Adsense Alternatives

While, most of us are well aware of the Google Adsense and its monetization, which is a way to earn money through the traffic coming to websites!

The Google Adsense, being a good option for the website owners to monetize their website and earn a passive income! But not all website owners are blessed with this opportunity!

In fact, Google Adsense’s policies towards the Adult websites restrict them in not having the ads approved on Adult websites, thus the adult website owners, if looking for the monetization through the Google Adsense will not be approved and thus deprived of the World’s best monetization program, Google Adsense!

But, is it the end of the road for those website owners!?

No, where there is a passion, there’s a way! There are several Google Adsense Alternatives, which are the monetization methods for the adult websites, and thus can help the Adult websites owners with the monetization of their websites and earn money.

Let’s discuss those Google Adsense Alternatives for Adult Websites

CrakRevenue – Adult Websites Google Adsense Alternatives


There are certainly lots of Google Adsense Alternatives when it comes to monetization of Adult Websites. Among the names for Adult Websites Google Adsense Alternatives, the first name appears in front of us is the CrakRevenue, which is considered as one of the best alternatives to Google Adsense. With the minimum payout of $100, it’s the same as Google Adsense. The CrakRevenue shares lots of experience with them, and working for past 10 years, the CrakRevenue can be easily considered as the best CPA Network worldwide.

With Great Cam Offers, the Publishers are offered the best chance to make huge money with the high-quality Cam Offers. The Great Support staff allows the quick and easy resolution to your queries and with lots of customization available, the CrakRevenue rocks!

Adsterra – Adult Websites Google Adsense Alternatives


Another very popular Network in the list, the Adsterra provides a wide range of options for both the publishers and Advertisers. As per the stats, the Adsterra delivers around 10 billion impressions per month, which is a clear sign of their immense quality and wide-spread opportunities. With more than 190 countries covered around the world, the Adsterra covers more than 20k successful campaigns and more than 6000k leads per month.

With the option to choose your profitable plan for high conversion through best fitting payment model like CPM, CPA, CPL, CPO, CPI (PPI), the Adsterra can be considered among the Best Google Adsense Alternative for Adult Websites.

ExoClick – Adult Websites Google Adsense Alternatives


Another good alternative to Google Adsense, the ExoClick offers numerous Ads formats best matching your needs and demands. With the option to get the prompt payment weekly or monthly, the ExoClick offers the payment modes like Paypal, Payoneer, Paxum, WebMoney or Wire Transfer. Thus, offering the wide payment options, it ensures that the people belonging to all countries are covered.

Multiple formats, with 100% fill rate are some of the salient features of the ERxoClick and can easily stand as one of the best options for Google Adsense Alternative for Adult Websites. Minim Threshold payment is $100, just like Google Adsense.

Popads – Adult Websites Google Adsense Alternatives


Covering around 40 countries, the Popads has one unique feature, which most of the other adult networks don’t feature; the option to withdraw payment based on your moods and demands. In fact, you can request withdrawal of your PopAds revenue anytime you want and the Popads claims that the money reaches to your withdrawal platform within 24 hours.

With the option to the chat through the customer care and also an option to reach them with the email, the Popads make sure that the people who opt for the services aren’t left alone during the times of needs.

CPAMatica – Adult Websites Google Adsense Alternatives


CPAMatica, as the name suggests is the platform based on the model of acquisition and is considered as the best platform for dealing in just the business based on acquisition. With more than 500 offers and minimum payout being $50 unlike Google Adsense and many other networks, where the threshold payment is $100, the CPAMatica is perfect for the websites based in the Dating Niche.

There is no dearth of options for Monetization an Adult Websites, and even if you don’t have the services of the Google Adsense, many other Google Adsense Alternatives are available for Adult Websites Monetization easily and efficiently.

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