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Google Adsense Plugins for WordPress 2019

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Arguably, the best way to monetize your blog; either it is WordPress or blogger or any other platform based is the Google Adsense. Some of the critics may not agree with my thought, that’s the reason I mentioned in my statement, the word ‘Arguably’.

For those, have their blogs on WordPress, want to monetize their blog with Adsense, there are several Plugins which will make your day!

Thus, once you have Adsense approval for your blog, you don’t need to worry at all…..Just leverage the power of WordPress and its Plugins and life go easy!

Here are our Top Picks for some WordPress Adsense Plugins.

Depending on your needs, pick the one best suited you and integrate at your WordPress Blog and enjoy passive money with Google Adsense.

WordPress Ads & Adsense Plugin – Ad Inserter –  WordPress Adsense Plugins

The first name (not in terms of ranking), WordPress Ads & Adsense Plugin – Ad Inserter is a WordPress Adsense Pluginss with various ads networks support like Google Adsense, Amazon Native Shopping Ads, medi.net ads and rotating ads etc. The Ad Inserter comes as one of the top choices among the WordPress Adsense Plugins 2019 with advanced options to insert ads and other features like opt-in forms, header scripts anywhere on the page. With varied settings available, the Ad Inserter comes with numerous features and usages, you want to go with! Thus, put your ads at the optimum places, you like with the settings of your choice!

WordPress Ads & AdSense plugin – Ad Inserter


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Advanced Ads – Ad Manager with Adsense Integration – WordPress Adsense Plugins

This is another one of a gem in the list of the WordPress Adsense Plugins, which offers a variety of uses with the simplicity in the usage, kept intact! The Advanced Ads – Ad Manager with Adsense Integration works on various Ads networks and along with Google Adsense, it offers the connecting of ads from networks like Amazon Ads, Media.net, etc. Thus, if you are looking for the ads insertion with no coding knowledge, this one’s the perfect choice for you!

Advanced Ads – Ad Manager with AdSense Integration



Easy Adsense Ads – Ad Inserter & AdSense Ad Manager – WordPress Adsense Plugins


This Easy Adsense Ads – Ad Inserter & Adsense Ad Manager is a simple and easy Plugin to use to all users of WordPress, who don’t have any coding knowledge and like to implement Google Adsense Codes trough WordPress Plugins. You have other networks support apart from Google Adsense with this Plugin and you can easily inject ads into the homepage, posts, pages, and various other places, depending upon your choice. In fact, there are 9 different places or locations to choose from! With various options and customizable features like ads widgets, ad rotation etc available with Easy Adsense Ads, you can leverage the powerful features of this Google WordPress Adsense Plugins for your Ads insertion motive.

Easy AdSense Ads – Ad Inserter & AdSense Ad Manager



Ads for WP – Advanced Ads & Adsense Solution for WP & AMP – WordPress Adsense Plugins

Ads for WP is an advanced ads insertion Plugin for WordPress, which is meant to work on WordPress websites and its AMP Version. Thus, if you are looking to insert Google Adsense at WordPress websites and also the AMP Version, this Plugin is the top choice. Loaded with unlimited features like performance analytics, reports, and insights, the Ads for WP – Advanced Ads & Adsense Solution for WP & AMP is the perfect choice for the people looking for the varied Google Adsense Codes at various places. The other notable feature is that along with Adsense, it supports other Google Adsense alternatives like Infolinks etc.

Ads for WP – Advanced Ads & Adsense Solution for WP & AMP


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WP Simple Adsense Insertion – WordPress Adsense Plugins

With WP Simple Adsense Insertion, you enjoy quick and easy Google Adsense insertion at your posts, pages and sidebar with just a simple use of a shortcode or by calling a PHP function from the template file of your theme. With easy customization, you have the complete freedom over the ads insertion at your will.

WP Simple Adsense Insertion

The Google Adsense is no more a headache with these WordPress Adsense Plugins 2019, which are specially designed to serve you in the most simple and easy manner with no need of coding skills, etc!

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