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Sharing an interesting story of an online grocery store, here, I would like to recommend you towards the Online Grocery Shopping, if you want to avoid all those fuss about pricing and carrying things back to the house. With the eCommerce Industry, rapidly capturing the markets of India, everything seems to come online, these days. Either it is Onion, or any vegetable, you can get all products being sitted in your AC Room.

Grofers – Online Grocery Shopping Destination

Grofers is one such website, which is Online Grocery Shopping and is an online store to Buy Fruits, Vegetables, Groceries and More.

Operational areas of Grofers

Not purely in all cities of India, it still covers prominent parts of the country like New Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Bengaluru, Jaipur and some other parts. Currently at the time of writing, it serves in around 25 cities of India.

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What Grofers Claim?

As per their claim, With the Lowest prices guaranteed on Patanjali, Aashirvaad, Pampers, Maggi, Saffola, Huggies, Fortune, Nestle, Amul, MamyPoko Pants, Surf Excel, Ariel, Vim, Haldiram’s and others, they are serving better and can be considered as a one stop shop for all your daily needs.

My Decision to Buy Groceries the online way, Grofers

Why I am aspired to write an article on Grofers, someone must be thinking, within! In fact, I had personal experiences with this Online Grocery Shopping Destination. Ever since, I decided to buy groceries and other products online, I checked some online options; while the other I checked was Big Basket, the other one was Grofers. I went with Grofers and that was due to a reason; the low pricing of course. When I compared, I felt the pricing was lesser at Grofers when compared to Big Basket. Thus, I chose to go for Grofers.

Personal Experience at Grofers

I ordered the products (can’t disclose the names, here)! Who knows, you will make a fun of it! I ordered some products and I noticed to get a free delivery, I had to order for something above INR 500, which of course was never an issue for me.

That was a rainy season (a talk of last year’s October). Got the products the same day (At that time, same day delivery was an option). Got all products in the proper place, except with one vegetable. The delivery boy by mistake delivered to someone else. He delivered me rest and told me to cancel for that particular item, but I refused. So forced, he returned back after some time and delivered me that missing product. It was raining that time. I paid him the entire bill and went on to check the product, and found it was wet (due to rain).

Since that product, was surely going to rot after some days, because of wet, I decided to contact customer support. Went into their customer support section and raised an issue, but to surprise, the customer support responded me instantly. I narrated my whole issue and to my utter surprise, the customer support, told me to throw away the product and returned me with the entire amount. Such a great customer support by an online shopping portal in the country like India, where we keep on fighting to get our 1 Rs. returned. I was amazed by their support and decided on to carry out my grocery shopping through them.

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Numerous times, I had shopped with them and never experienced any trouble at all. More recently, I was dissatisfied with my product ‘Coconut’ and decided to raise an issue. As soon as I mentioned, my dissatisfaction, the online App, asked for the specific product. I clicked on Coconut, and to your surprise, a message displayed ‘Your refund will reach you very soon’. The whole scenario shows that Grofers are trying to entice customers with the best support and really care about the customers’ dissatisfaction. At least do they, in the place, where we have to fight a legal battle to get a refund for many other things, through others online portals.

What I recommend is using this Online Grocery Shopping Destination, as this being my personal experience with them indicates they really care about us!

For We Indians, little profits & small happiness do matter a lot!

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