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You must have heard about big players like Flipkart, Amazon, Myntra, Paytm, Snapdeal and other such for your online shopping needs.

While, these are the biggest names, which comprises almost all of the sales data in India and even capture most of the sales in Online Shopping Industry, there are many other small names, which are in the inception stage. These names may be small, but the innovation and future promise they have shown in this initial stage have forced TechnoMusk to mention these startups and help raise awareness on these startups.

So, here’s the list of those Less Renowned but Innovative Online Shopping Sites in India:


Please visit:


Have you heard this name before? Perhaps not! This Online Shopping website is still in the very nascent stage, but is showing lots of promises and innovations. With the innovative ideas of implementing Online Shopping into the Gifting; this website has started a platform of purchasing and sending gifts in India. Here, you can find gifts, which suit all ages and for all occasions. See the inventory as offered by them, and you will seriously get surprised by their innovations. A visit to this website is a must, if you believe in gifting something special to someone special in your life!

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Please visit:


While some of you have heard of, but there is still a big section of the people who are unaware of this website. What’s the big deal in this website? Covering your needs for Medicine Online, is a trusted online medicine store in India. With the needed trust which is required in the field of medicines, can surely be your medicine partner if you are searching for the online Medicine Store for your medicine needs. You can upload prescription and get the prescribed medicines, while you can also find the non-prescription medicines at this Online Medicine Store. Mark this website in your phone for your future Medicine Needs.


Please visit:


Another Innovative startup, is an innovative educational marketplace, offering various courses for every one of us. Choose from the variety of Courses online from all top universities, colleges and institutes for different degrees, diploma and various entrance examinations, this website serve the purpose of students very well. Are you interested to find out, what they are offering at their website? Check this innovative Education Online Website for your needs.

Offimart – Online Shopping Sites in India for office stationary

Please visit:


Another belonging to the league of Innovative and less renowned Online Shopping websites, the serves the purpose of online shopping for Office Stationary Needs. Covering your needs from Ink Cartridges to the Papers, from the Desk Stationary to hand tools and machine tools, this Online Shopping website can be utilized for the Office needs. Give it a try!

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Spareshub – Online Shopping Sites in India for automobiles parts

Please visit:


Have you ever heard of this website before? Do you any such website, which cover your automobile needs online? Perhaps, you never paid attention to this part! But, the online world is expanding and so is the Auto Industry utilizing this aspect of the expansion of the Online Shopping needs of the people and best utilizing this for the best of their business. Covering all sorts of spare parts for all brands of cars, you can find a real hub for your spare parts needs for your vehicles. Either it is a coil spring for Wagon R or the braking system of BMW, this website can cover all the needs and demands. So, next time, you don’t find any accessory or parts of your Vehicle, don’t forget to recall this website!

The Online Shopping World is very huge, where we have focused on just a few big names. If we don’t find any items on those websites, we consider it as unavailable, online. But focusing on several niche websites as mentioned above can help you cover your needs and demands for the particular items.

There are dozens of such websites, which are niche focused, or which are innovative in their approach. The need is to explore them, shop with them and let them know, how they are doing as the Online Shopping Websites.

What are the Less Renowned but Innovative Online Shopping Sites in India?

Check out the list of Less Renowned but Innovative Online Shopping Sites in India:

  • Bigsmall
  • NetMeds
  • edukart
  • Offimart
  • Spareshub
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