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How often you gave a thought on what are the most visited websites in India. Every day, we visit lots of websites, but how often we gave a thought process on what effect, it’s bringing it on after each visit of ours. In fact, every visit of ours, matter! Every visit counts and this is what makes a website, the more popular comparatively to others.

Today, at TechnoMusk, we discuss those most popular websites in India (excluding and its Indian Version, which are already ranked at Top 1 and Top 2 and also excluding all search engines like etc). We list down top 10 leaving (starting from Top Position) aside these and also excluding porn websites (since we are child safe and don’t want to give even a little chance to children to surf those). – Most Popular Websites in India


The largest online video Platform of the world, is the most visited website in India. The place where you can upload videos, tag and can comment along with showcasing your likes and dislikes on videos, is the backbone to the Video Community. Also, a way to earn money, this website has opened several ways to the online money earning and instant stardom for many. With the advancement in the technology, it has opened gates for many businesses to better market their products and services and has become an effective marketing channel for many.


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The largest social media platform, was invented in 2004 and ever since a lot has changed. Started as just a face comparing website, it has seen years of changes and each year bringing some new aspects. From just a mere social media website, where the people can interact, communicate, share things, it has evolved into more than this. With several other options evolved over the years, has come up with the most effective ways of business promotion. Several changes happening over the recent years allowed it to evolve itself much as a business and consumer interaction effective channel. The marketing aspects as leverage to the business owners and many other great options has added several new feathers to this social media platform. – Most Popular Websites in India


The largest ecommerce website and cloud computing Company was founded in 1994 in the USA and has its presence in India as one of the largest ecommerce online store labeled as Neck to neck with flipkart, this is among the most visited websites in the country. With the ecommerce craze, growing exponentially each year, the total count is expected to increases manifold. – Most Popular Websites in India


India’s largest bank, the State Bank of India, having website finds its place in the list of top 10 most visited websites in India. India’s most trusted bank, the State Bank of India is the one stop destination to meet all your banking needs. Powering India to new levels, this was founded in 1955.


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Launched in 2001, is a multilingual, web-based, free-content encyclopedia based on a model of openly editable content. This is the largest and most popular general reference work available on the internet and is available in 301 languages. Considered as the most trusted source for any information about anything, this is the first preference for the people around the world and India is no exception. – Most Popular Websites in India


Another eCommerce giant having its presence in India, is the closest competitor of The Largest Online shopping Destination in India, Flipkart was founded in 2007 and more recently was subject to a big news with Walmart purchasing stakes in Flipkart. – Most Popular Websites in India


The lifeline of Indian transportation, Railways has its own website, Offering online rail ticket booking, and checking of ticket reservation status. Including train schedules, availability of tickets, and a travel planner, has a lot to offer when it comes to the people moving from place to another within India. – Most Popular Websites in India

india_times, an online news portal covering home and international updates, sports, entertainment, health, lifestyle and many other categories, this is the most visited news portal website in India. Loved by the Indian Online Community, is considered as the best website for trending news, articles, stories and videos on entertainment, latest lifestyle, culture & new technologies emerging worldwide.


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hotstar launched in 2015 by Star India, is an Indian digital entertainment platform with the options like online media streaming and Video on demand. Across 8 different languages and also expanding its wings in the USA, with the exclusive streaming rights for IPL, it has progressed with an unprecedented pace. – Most Popular Websites in India


Another social media platform, which finds itself in the list of Top 10 most visited websites in India, Instagram was founded in 2010. A Few years back, the craze for Instagram was not much in India, but over the years, it has garnered huge popularity. The growing popularity and a huge population getting active on Instagram, lead to rise to top 10 list.



Happy with the list? Let us know, what your feeling on list of Most Popular Websites in India is!

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