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With the rise in Online shopping, the people all over have been a new eye to the shopping without stepping out of their premises. Women find it sadder and more convenient in buying products which otherwise would have been difficult for them. Also, at the same time, they find it more freedom in buying things, which probably they wouldn’t through brick and mortar businesses. Indeed, Online Shopping has offered a great way to online shopping to women, but how have the online shopping ways brought a change among men.

Let’s analyze each and every detail available with us on Online Shopping Trends:

USA Market for Online Shopping Trends

According to the survey by the First Insight, the men still prefer physical stores to make their purchases as compared to the women, who are increasingly becoming more dependent on online shopping for their needs

Another Online Shopping Stat reveals that the men are less likely to use Amazon to shop for their needs, while the number of men who subscribe for the services like Amazon Prime is also fewer. It has been noted that the men like to touch and feel the product before they buy and also like to carry the goods to the home all over with them.

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There are several facts which are thrown in open light; it has been evaluated that the men can wait longer to make a purchase and not necessarily do their part of the research before making any purchase, while comparably the women like to bargain  (as the history itself suggests!), they are price sensitive and are instant purchasers. They like to execute deals in a hurry as compared to the men.

While, another survey states that the men are more likely to shop at full-priced retailers (42%), over discount retailers (18%), while the women prefer discount retailers (38%) over the full price brands (31%).

Not only this, it’s the women whose consistent efforts have pushed the demands for the better mobile apps, as around 40% women are studied frequently visiting their phones to make a purchase, as compared to the men whose number is just 22%.

European Market and Online Shopping Trends

When it comes to the European Market, more than 30% of the Europeans who never place an online order, are of the opinion that they favor visiting the brick and mortar business to make a purchase.

While, when it comes to the comparison of the men internet users and women internet users, the percentage of men who made online orders is 69% as compared to the women who make the number to 66%.

Also, the data on the frequency of online purchases from the month of Jan to March 2018 indicates that the men are the frequent shoppers online and when it comes to the numbers, here are they:

  • 1 to 2 times purchase: Men 36%, while Women 36%
  •  3 to 5 times purchase: Men 34%, while Women 35%
  • More than 6 times: Men 31%, while Women 28%
  • Also, another Online Shopping stat that the men tend to spend more as compared to the women.
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Also take a look at the product categories, which European men buy more than Women online:

  • Household Goods: Men 32%, while Women 30%
  • Tickets for Events: Men 27%, while Women 26%
  • Travel and Accommodation: Men 37%, while Women 35%
  •  Computer Software: Men 22%, while Women 11%
  • Computer hardware: Men 17%, while Women 07%
  •  Film and Music: Men 22%, while Women 16%

While it’s the payback time; women are seen as purchasing for these products more as compared to their counterparts:

  • Food and Groceries: Men 14%, while Women 18%
  • Clothes, Sports goods: Men 40%, while Women 46%
  •  Books and Magazines: Men 23%, while Women 25%
  • Medicine: Men 08%, while Women 10%

The above Online Shopping Trends show the behavior of men and women when online shopping is taken note of. The available data highlights the needs to better plan for the advertising, as it has been that the women are more advertised for the travel deals, while the data stats that the men are the frequent buyers and should be the better targets.

While the data of the USA tells a different story of men doing online shopping less in numbers, the European countries have their own say.

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