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We all must have gone through several articles on a regular basis based on Online Shopping!

Several Tips, Tricks, Ways to Crack Best Online Shopping Deals, Way to protect yourself from fraud websites and leaking of important financial data, benefits, and risks associated with the Online Shopping, etc are some of the most regular basis articles, you must have gone through!

But, how many of you are well acquainted with the Online Shopping Statistics? The Online Shopping, which has been on the speeding train for the past half a decade, how many of you are literate on various unsurprising stats related to Online Shopping?

Today, we will uncover some of those surprising Online Shopping Statistics.

Online Shopping

Keep this fact in mind, while evaluating the data “World population is 7.6 billion and the internet has 4.1 billion users

  • Around 72% of Shoppers believe that they are more likely to get better deals online than offline stores
  • When we talk about the USA, as per the estimates the number of Online Shoppers will reach to the number 225 million by 2019
  • As per research, around 80% of the online population has ever purchased at least a single time, online
  • Another stat says that around 50% of the online population has made a purchase twice or on more occasions
  • Alone in the US, the eCommerce sales estimates are more than $350 billion, and it has been estimated to reach $485 by the year 2021
  • There’s still a lot of room for the progress in the Online Shopping world, as accordingly to an estimate only 17% of the small business have tried to go online, till now!
  • As per the data, around 71% of the consumers who have a good experience with any brand are likely to recommend it online (through social media or other means!)
  • As per the data, around 28% of the Online Shoppers tend to abandon their sales from the cart, of the shipping costs, is too high! It’s the time to reduce the shipping costs! Are Online Shopping portals, reading it? It’s the time to take some action!
  • The Mobile Devices are the prime source for the Online Shopping as 55% of the total time spent on Online Shopping Websites comes through Mobiles
  • Around 96% of the Americans have ever used Online Shopping in their lives! That’s a great percentage! Isn’t it?
  • A study reveals that 47% of all online orders include free shipping
  • Another stat says that the Shoppers spend 30% more per order when they are offered free shipping
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If you aren’t finding the stats interesting, read this one!

  • In the case of Negative experience with the Online Shopping Website, around 43% of the shoppers tend to go to the competitors. That’s a raising alarm for the Online Shopping Portals! Improve your service or risk losing your customers to your competitors
  • Amazon single-handedly accounted for 44% of all U.S. eCommerce sales, last year
  • Did you know that U.S. shoppers spent around $5 billion online during the Black Friday sales of 2017?
  • On average, young adults make 54% of purchases online as compared to the 49% of older generations
  • 74% of online shoppers consider product selection as one of the most important during the online product search process
  • Detailed Product content is highly important as around 88% of the Online Shoppers considers it very important which helps them in making a decision of buying
  • Get yourself a good and attractive website as around 38% of the Online Shopper considers the attractiveness of the website as a criterion, whether to remain on Online Shopping website or not!
  • As per the estimate, the eCommerce Industry has been growing at the pace of 23% each year, but still nearly half of the American business isn’t online (that’s around 46%)
  • Around 23% of the Online Shoppers are influenced by the several recommendations available at Social Media!
  • When it comes to the social media, here are some interesting numbers for you:
  • 85% of total orders of Online Shopping from social media websites come from Facebook
  • When it comes to the average order, the value for customers referred from Facebook is $55 is what Online Shopping Statistics says
  • While the same in the case of the twitter account to $46.29
  • The same from the Instagram is $65.00 reveals Online Shopping Statistics
  • However, the average order value for customers referred from YouTube is much lower and is at $37.63
  • If you are thinking about the ads perspective, here’s the stat; the click-through rate of Twitter ads is between 1-3%
  • While the same in the case of YouTube is at 1.16%
  • For Instagram, the average cost per click for e-commerce stores advertising is just $1.03
  • Sorry Guys haven’t found out the details for the same for Facebook!
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If you are little bored of reading the stat, let’s take a break from reading the Online Shopping Stats! Why don’t you try reading other posts available on Website? We will cover the Part 2 of Online Shopping Statistics later in the upcoming article!

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