The Future of Online Shopping

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The Rising Technology has transformed the facets of society. It has led to the new revolution in the way society is dealing with lots of things, and the shopping is one such. The shopping has gained a new face with the offline now pushing towards the back door and the online shopping taking the front seat.

The Online Shopping has been talks of the town these days and it seems that it will stay here forever. The new technological advancement has pushed the demands of online shopping and people seems to enjoy online shopping more as compared to the offline mode of shopping.

Considering how online shopping is progressing ahead, we are in doubt that the Future is online shopping and more retailers will move to the online way to keep their business ahead and in the profitable zone.

Let’s analyze what are some factors that may play a key role in the future of online shopping:

Future of Online Shopping – Distributed commerce

eCommerce and mCommerce are two different sides of the coin. While everyone is talking about e-commerce, the emphasis on mCommerce must also be laid upon. As per BI Intelligence, the mCommerce is expected to reach to the levels of $284 billion by the year 2020, or you may call it as around 45% of the total US e-commerce market.

While the online buying journey is a comfortable one, it still is complicated to some extents, considering the customers’ journey from visiting the website to the executing an order. You must always keep a fact in mind that the emphasis will be always there to shorten the journey of customers and offering them a short way to the making purchases.

The need may be to engage the customers beyond the websites and help ion the cause to drive more consistent and better experience. The constant evolution in the technology is pushing the customers towards the easy and simplified process of purchasing and if we talk about the Pinterest shop or the Instagram shopping, these are just an indication of this constant and rising technology.

Future of Online Shopping – Demands for better visual content

The needs of the customers are changing very rapidly in online shopping. Gone are the days, when the customers get attracted just with the awesome looking photographs of the products.

Now, the focus is shifting rapidly towards the genuine look of the products and this is the reason that the customers consider the original images of the products as posted by the other users as more genuine and trustworthy as compared to those photoshoots.

Thus, the companies have to be in the research side on what to deliver to the customers in terms of the visual content. The visual contents like Videos etc can offer a more realistic feeling and thus the companies must be ready to offer more authentic images of the products.

As per the research, around 76% of the customers consider the images posted by other buyers as more genuine as compared to those posted by the sellers!

Future of Online Shopping – Videos and CiM

The Future of Online Shopping

As we indicated in the above para, the videos can be a good option for bringing in more authenticity in the field of online shopping. The short videos can play a pivotal role in addressing the issues of the authenticity, however, this calls for the huge resources which in reality may be not possible to cope up with.

Thus, the different technology, which can offer such replaceable variant of the videos, is needed, and this can be fulfilled through CiM or content in motion.

So, what’s the CiM? The CiM is the process which turns the already present static images into the wonderful looking dynamic animations which can be used everywhere for the promotion of the products. Remember that around 60% of the Mobile devices account for online video watching all over the world, as per the data published by ZenithOptimedia.

Future of Online Shopping – The role of Social influencers

When it comes to the Online Shopping and branding for the products, the role of the social influencers cannot be turned down. Every brand needs exposure and when it comes to the social influencers, who already have millions of followers all over the world, the power of the social influencers cannot be turned down anyway, especially in the Future of Online Shopping.

With the perfect amalgamation of high-quality content and powerful social media following of the social influencers, any small business can get huge sales overnight and can turn them into the brand in a matter of time (but, yes, your products should be that awesome, too!).

We must acknowledge that the brands are giving their best to influence the customers towards them and the online shopping is just a perfect medium, where the customers and sellers will interact in the best way possible.

If you are planning for the growth of the business, go the online way as the Future of Online Shopping is bright!

Take the right approach and deliver satisfaction and genuiness to the buyers!

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