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Google Adsense, one of the easiest ways to make money online, is a product of Google. You can always look towards the Google Adsense, if you seriously want to generate some extra income, passively. However, working in a niche can be an important judgmental aspect in getting approved Google Adsense on your website. If you are seriously considering making an income, get yourself accustomed to some aspects of Google Adsense, which when implemented correctly and strategically can deliver you with great results. Here are Google Adsense Tips:


Google Adsense Tips

Use of Better Keywords

The use of better target keywords is the first and foremost aspect, which you should consider with highest priority. It can be said that the Target Keywords is the bread and butter of your blog and yours. Making a choice of highly competitive keywords and not rankings it, will not deliver you good results. At the same time, opting for low competitive keywords having low search query and ranking it well, also will not take you anywhere. Thus, use the Google Keyword Planner and make a choice of best Target Keywords for your blog.

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Proper Keywords Density

Target your blog with relevant keywords with the right keywords density. Target keywords are those which define your content relevancy. Targeting keywords with the right density is a must to gather more traffic and better ad relevancy.

Regularly Publish new Content

Want to draw regularly high traffic? Posting regularly is the one solution. If you are unsure about your posting schedule, your blog will also be unsure about the traffic. To draw traffic on a regular basis, you need to write regularly and post it regularly. Have a well defined gap, and don’t be irregular in posting. For example, you posted a content on Monday, the next content on the next day and remained absent for another 8 days. Schedule as per your busy schedules and maintain a consistent gap, if you cannot post regularly.

Make a choice of best ads format

Google Adsense comes in various formats. Choose the format which suits your blog, the better. Banners in the form of rectangular, square, etc. are available with Google Adsense. You can make a choice of ad formats, which calls for action, the highest. Choosing the formats like large rectangle ads (336*280), rectangular banner ads (728*90), skyscraper ads (160*600) and medium rectangle ads (300*250) are the best looking ads.

Positioning the ads

Position the ads in such a way that they looks an integral part of your blog and at the same time is easily visible. The Ads should be positioned at the top and bottom of the content and just place ads in such a way that they look like a part of the content. Also, putting the ads in the header section of your website can be catchy as whenever someone comes, the header section is the first to notice section of the website.

Color Combination of Ads


The ads should be displayed as an integral part of your website. Thus, the color combination is an important aspect when displaying your ads. Make sure that the ads should match your website color. You can customize your ads through the control panel.

Don’t go overboard with your ads

Using too many ads on your website is not recommended. Remember that the website is for humans and thus avoid confusing them with ads. Make sure that the navigation should be clear and your readers/visitors can scroll through your website with no hassles. Don’t go overboard with too many ads and limit yourself over the number.

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Search Engine Traffic

Do your best to capture more and more Search Engine Traffic. The study reveals that the Google Adsense works best when most of traffic comes from Search Engine i.e. Organic Traffic. Start SEO Link Building, make a brand of your blog website, and capture as many visitors as you can through Link Building and promotional ways.

Pay attention to the blocked categories

Give yourself some time in researching for the categories which are restricted by Google Adsense. If you don’t have a Google Adsense approved yet, make sure that the category, you are working for, isn’t restricted by Google Adsense. If it’s so, either you should remove that particular category or else forget Adsense.

Google Adsense, is a way to the passive income through your website. The more is the traffic, the better is the income. The more is the CPC of your target keywords, the more is the payout. Ensure that you do a proper research on various aspects before opting for Google Adsense.

Feel free to share some tips, which are left out, while covering this article on Google Adsense Tips!

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