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Online Shopping is for the convenience of people! Being advantageous, the Online Shopping has emerged as fast progressing favorites among the people in India especially in big cities. The Trend for the Online Shopping can be seen more in bigger cities, where most often residential places are far from the shopping bazaars etc. Finding things most often turn harder, in those areas, and thus the pushing the need of Online Shopping, even more!

There are some risks associated with the Online Shopping; even what we believe that the risks are present everywhere. But, for now, our point of concern is how to remain safe while opting for Online Shopping.


Risks associated with Online Shopping and how to avoid them?

While, Online Shopping has awarded people with the convenience and better deals, while staying in your own home; there are some negative sides, too. Here are some risks associated with the Online Shopping and their solutions:

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Identity Theft for Safe Online Shopping

The most common risk associated with the Online Shopping is Identity Theft. The Identity Theft refers to all sorts of crimes, where someone steals your personal details like Credit Card Details from websites, and others and within drain out all of your account. Every year, all the countries witness this identity theft issues and complaints from people.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping: The first and foremost Tips for Safe Online Shopping is always shop through websites, which are established and have good reputation in the market. Check their policies in regard to the Piracy and theft. Make sure they are well protected against scammers. You can also, go an extra mile to check their history in identity theft issues. Also, if possible, don’t use your main credit card while doing shopping through websites. You can use a card, whose credit limit is low and have some restrictions like international usage etc. You can also, look for the secure version of website (https version) as these tends to be more secure comparatively non https. There’s one more thing to ensure more safety; don’t use public Wi-Fi during your online shopping; use your personal data network. Using familiar websites for your shopping purpose (which has gathered enough trust over the years) is the best decision you should make!

Safe Online Shopping Tips – Fake eCommerce Websites

Some cases of fake eCommerce websites have also been seen where the people are lured into the best offers and mouth watering discounts. These websites are being created just for the sole purpose of capturing your information and thus leading to identity theft and hacking. These websites remain for few weeks and then disappear on the whole.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping: One of  the top Tips for Safe Online Shopping; Don’t just Google for your Online Shopping purpose and get your job done at whatever the results comes. As earlier stated, utilizing the best in the field, will be the best idea. Just control your greed and don’t fall prey to mouthwatering deals and offers at any other websites, which you are unsure about!

Safe Online Shopping Tips – Order Never Arrives

Every time, you are dealing with good and established companies, you never have faced this issue. But, people who are opting for other websites are seen complaining “Order still not arrived”. If, they have charged you for the good; it’s not worthy to wait for your shipment to arrive at your destination. It will never arrive!

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Tips for Safe Online Shopping: Look for the COD Options, at first go! If the product arrives, its fine, otherwise, you are not going to lose anything. This is a straight forward solution to the uncertainty of the products arriving! Isn’t it?

Safe Online Shopping Tips – Fake Reviews

Just to push prospective buyers into the buying, ecommerce websites have adopted the technique of utilizing the concept of fake reviews. Everyone knows the power of “5 Star Ratings” and this is what many ecommerce websites are exploring to. Many authors have been enticed to post 5 star ratings at websites for products, thus pulling many other buyers towards the purchase.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping: Fake reviews have been common these days and many ecommerce websites are doing it, without any worry. All you can do is to do your own research. Go at Social Medias, collect reviews from there, talk to your family, friends and neighbors and collect mouth market reviews. Depending on the websites reviews all alone, can lead you to buy a below par product.

Safe Online Shopping Tips – Lack of Transparency in Final Cost

It has been seen that the eCommerce websites are even utilizing the customers’ approach towards saving few bucks and often come up with several discounts and offers, later to be found out that they comes with several Terms & Conditions.  Towards the payment journey, buyers are charged with Shipping Charges or are charged additional amount or may have to face minimum order value issue with several ecommerce websites. Those Customers, who are in hurry, without noticing, pay the additional amount like delivery charges etc.

Tips for Safe Online Shopping: The simple solution is; keep your eyes open! Make sure, what you are paying during the time of checkout at website. Check the final amount at the time of payment, and discard off shopping, if you find ‘they are overcharging for the deal’.

Stay Safe during Online Shopping! Your safety is in your hands!

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