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For the Food Lovers, there’s always a need for the easy access to the unlimited food irrespective of the distance. So, even if a person (who is a food lover!) is residing in the far-flung areas of the city, should have an easy access to the food, he/she crave for! It’s obvious that covering a long distance for the food from the favorite restaurant, every day is not a possible task. So, what are the options left for such a food lover? Is there any Online Food Delivery Services available to serve the food lovers with the favorite food from the favorite eateries across the city?

Bringing in light to some of those doorstep services (apart from the restaurants, which provide the facility of home services like Pizza Hut, MacDonald’s, etc), let’s take a close look at some of the Online Food Delivery Services: – Online Food Delivery Services

Zomato - Top Online Food Delivery Websites

While, every one of us has heard the name ‘Zomato’, which started as a restaurant search engine, there has been a lot of revolution in the way it serves to the people. From being a Restaurant Search Engine, it also expanded its services to the Online Food Order. Thus, offering a paradise to the food lovers, the website has a lot to offer to any Food Lover.

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Operating in more than 23 countries, the Zomato is a worldwide fame to the considerable countries, and headquartered in Gurgaon, India; the website serves to the fullest in the country.  Serving in the USA, Mexico, India, Australia and other such countries, the Zomato indeed is a favorite destination for many who want to satiate their hunger, being at home! – Online Food Delivery Services

swiggy - Top Online Food Delivery Websites

Until recently, the market which was solely captured by Zomato saw another Online Food Delivery Services as Swiggy rising to many cities of the Country, India. Expanding its network, to many cities of India, the Swiggy offers an alternative to the Food Lovers, if for any reason they are looking beyond Zomato.

Serving to more than 25 cities of the Country, Swiggy offers a good platform for many food lovers, who are looking for the top class online food delivery options loaded with several coupons and deals. Fast Capturing the Indian Market, the website should be bookmarked at your browser to make sure you get the best offers on your food. – Online Food Delivery Services

This one is for the people of the USA and other countries! Uber Eats, one of the most popular online food delivery services, is the venture by Uber launched in the year 2014. Offering a super duper wide range of restaurants to order from, the Uber Eats is still in the phase of expansion, and any food lover doesn’t get surprised if the services aren’t available in your region.

However, to the areas, where the Uber Eats serve as the Online Food Delivery Services, the work and services of the Company are widely appreciated. Let’s enjoy your TV While sitting at home, and order your favorite food from your favorite restaurant at your doorstep.

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foodpanda - Top Online Food Delivery Websites

There is another option ‘Foodpanda’, is a German Online Food Delivery Services, serving more than 10 countries across the world. With Foodpanda, serving to more than 10 countries, their focus of operations until has been to the Asian and Eastern Europe Countries.

In 2018, Foodpanda joined hands with foodora, and with the combined efforts, they now serve to 19 countries, with the inclusion of countries like Canada and many more. However, until now, the operations are not functional in the USA, but who knows, by the time you are reading this article; you are enjoying the services of Foodpanda, already! – Online Food Delivery Services

grubhub - Top Online Food Delivery Websites

The USA Food Lovers need not get disappointed! This one is just for you, Grubhub. Grubhub which recently acquired EAT24 offers all my Food Lovers of America, with the best services of the Online Food Delivery, and enjoy their moments with the family and friends, and at the same time taking the best services of their lovely food being delivered at home!

What you need to do is to browse through the website and search for the food, you want to satiate your hunger with and order online. Rest all is the task of the delivery services of the Company.

Other Notable – Online Food Delivery Services

Faasos (For Indian Citizens) –

Delivery (For US Citizens) –

Goldbely (For US Citizens)-

OrderUp (For US Citizens) –

Check out all listed options, if they are available in your region and enjoy the Online Food Delivery Services for your favorite food!

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What are the Top Online Food Delivery Services?

Here is the list of Top Online Food Delivery Services:

  • Zomato
  • Swiggy
  • UberEats
  • Foodpanda
  • Grubhub
  • Faasos
  • Delivery
  • Goldbely
  • OrderUp

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