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If you want to build a website or you want to update your existing website, first of all, you will have to think about CMS (Content Management System). You can use CMS for adding content and for updating your blog. CMS can also be used for adding images and for doing SEO of your blog.

The reason is that a CMS provides you with the built-in control of a website. After taking the built-in control of a website, you can make necessary changes to the website. Here, we will discuss top SEO friendly CMS that you can use for the website development.




It is the world’s most famous and most used CMS. Almost all big organizations are using this platform to run their websites. There are more than 60 million users of this platform. Either you want to establish a blog or a business website, you should choose this CMS platform.

This essential CMS platform is providing hosted as well as self-hosted platforms to establish the website. You can easily manage this platform because this CMS platform is providing easy to use interface for the users. You can easily write posts and edit blog on this platform. This CMS platform is highly customizable for the users. It means that you are free to design your website according to the requirements of your business and company.

To improve the SEO of your website, this essential platform allows you to install lots of plugins. If you are setting a blog on WordPress, you can’t deny the importance of Yoast SEO. By using this plugin, you can make your posts SEO friendly. If you want to set up a commerce website on this CMS platform, you can use the WooCommerce plugin. This CMS platform is available in the form of open source. Therefore, you can use millions of resources in it.

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It is the product of Adobe. Magento is providing the best platform for the businessmen to set up eCommerce websites. For the businessmen, this CMS is providing open-source platform. There are two versions of this CMS platform.

First is known as Magento Open Source. It is a free and self-hosted version. You can easily download and use for your website. You can also customize it according to your requirements.

Second is known as MagentoeCommerce. It is a premium version of Magento. If you want to use it for the establishment of a website, you will have to pay for it. Anyhow, the most important quality of this platform is that it provides more flexibility and functionality to the users. As a marketer, if you want to dominate in the market, this is the best platform for you.

The reason is that you can provide the best user experience by using this platform. There are also lots of benefits to this CMS. It is flexible to use. It is mobile-friendly. You can also add lots of extensions. By adding these extensions, you can increase the SEO of your website.

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Among the best CMS platform for the businessmen because this CMS platform is providing the best opportunities for the businessmen to set up eCommerce websites. After setting your store by using it, you can begin to make money online.

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If you are running a large e-commerce company, this is the best CMS platform for you. You can use this platform to develop, design and customize your website. Along with other CMS platforms, it is also providing lots of benefits to the users. First, this platform is providing the multi-selling platform to the users.

It means that after creating your online store, you can sell products by using various platforms like Facebook, eBay and Amazon etc. You can enjoy its easy to use interface. This essential platform allows the users to make necessary changes in their websites. Another plus feature of this platform is that all the tools are available in the CMS.

You can also use this CMS platform to save customer carts. Along with saving the customer carts, this essential platform allows the users to create three automated emails. These automated emails will be sent to customers.



This is the best CMS platform to start your ecommerce website. It also offer the best platform for the users to set up a business website. Anyhow, by using this platform, you can easily manage and grow your business. For this reason, this tool is providing lots of features to the users.

The most important feature of this tool are you can track the data, you can use it for the product management and you can also use it to process the orders. It means that after establishing your business website by using this CMS platform, it is easy for you to maintain your website. After establishing the website by using this CMS platform, the users can sell their products anywhere on the internet.

It provides cloud-based services to the users; therefore, no maintenance is required. Its interface is also easy to use. You can easily establish your website by using this CMS platform.

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It is one of the oldest CMS platforms to establish the websites. This tool is providing a powerful and open-source platform for users. Its design is SEO friendly for the users. This platform is considered as the best platform for large enterprises. Its reason is that after establishing a website on this platform, you can manage hundreds to web pages.

It can also provide a seamless experience to hundreds of users at a time. Its interface is not easy to use for the developers. Only professional developers can handle and build websites on this CMS platform. If you want to use Drupal for the establishment of the website, you will not find any theme and plugin.

If you want to make your website SEO friendly, you will have to hire a team of professional developers. These professional developers will make your website SEO friendly.

Another SEO friendly CMS platform for the establishment of your website is Joomla. Joomla is also very close to WordPress in popularity. There are almost 50 million downloads of this tool.

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