About us

Who am I?

I, Rashid Hassan, an Engineer by Qualification and Digital Marketer by Profession have been working in the field of Digital Marketing since 2013. I have developed my expertise into Content Writing, Web Designing & Development, FB Ads Managing, Google Adsense & Adwords apart from all aspects of SEO (Both On Page and Off Page).

Thoughts Behind TechnoMusk

Just summarizing things towards what to start, I thought to have something creative and put in all my experience and passion in developing something that adds value to the people who are lovers of technology and at the same time, help me in my journey of Life.

Where the Journey of TechnoMusk began from?

From here, the journey of TechnoMusk began. The foundation stone of the website was laid down on 7th April 2018 with the aim to provide some better knowledge and education related to Technological covering several aspects like Apps, Softwares, Online Shopping, Websites related queries, reviews, themes, plugins, Finance and Cryptocurrency.

Mission & Vision of TechnoMusk

The mission and vision of this website is to keep readers engaged with the innovative and relevant information and at the same time, help myself in earning some profits (an important aspect of survival).

Present Status of TechnoMusk

At the moment working as the only person, who is handling all works of TechnoMusk, the future expectation is very high. Let’s see, what I can contribute towards the educating people in the field, and how far can I go in transforming this ‘single worker’ website into a company!