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Having a website has become an essential need for any type of company. Thanks to a website, any business can reach a greater number of people, generating better opportunities. Currently there are a large number of platforms where you can help yourself to create or manage your own website. Having a good WordPress web design and programming can increase the sales of your business..

WordPress is one of the open source software that has stood out the most in recent years. This is due to its easy handling, customization, and the various possibilities it offers. Below you will discover its main advantages and disadvantages.

WordPress Advantages

The advantages that we can find within WordPress are very varied. Currently it is one of the most used platforms to create websites. These are some of its most important competitive advantages.

Its cost

It is a free platform, which is why it is very appropriate for businesses that are starting to start on the Internet. If you don’t have previous experience programming a WordPress website, you can begin to familiarize yourself and interact with its different options by doing a free trial. You can play with its different elements, templates or tools to find out how they best suit your business.

WordPress has different templates that can help you create very attractive designs for your potential clients. It also has a section where you can choose the type of page you want to create, be it a magazine, a landing page, etc.

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Open Source

An open source is software that has been created by a group of people who are Internet enthusiasts. You are what you usually do as a hobby for everyone, free, and the code can be modified depending on the needs of each person.

These are passionate people who constantly develop and update the software. They offer endless possibilities to create any design or type of web page. By having WordPress with an open source, it has the competitive advantage of being able to be modified. This is a very attractive quality for both amateurs and more professional people.

Installation of plugins

Of the important features that can be found within WordPress, is the option to install a large variety of plugins. A plugin is a kind of program that serves to complete the various functions of the website. These functions can be very varied, from complements for stock management, to plugins that improve the user experience within the website.

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Within WordPress there are a large number of plugins that are completely free. These make it easy to improve the functions and customize all kinds of aspects such as fonts, typography, page structure, etc. In addition, you can perform further optimization with the use of SEO tools that help you detect any existing problems.

Plugins have four main features which make them so attractive. The first is that their installation is very simple and anyone can install them despite not having prior knowledge. The second is that they are easily accessible as they can be easily found.

The third is that they offer solutions to all kinds of problems, you just have to find the one that best suits your company. And the last one, that it is a free element, so you can install it to see its function, and if you don’t like it, uninstall it.

One element to take into account is that if you install many plugins within your web page, it can be somewhat slow. That is why you should review this element, and if so, reduce the number of plugins or optimize the website.

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SEO actions

Having a good position within search engines like Google is one of the main elements to take into account. Being one of the first pages your potential customers see will make your business get a greater number of sales.

WordPress has different plugins that make it easy to know the ranking control of your keywords, helping your company achieve better optimization and web positioning. It also has a very intuitive structure in which it is very easy to use the tags, meta entries, and other key elements to optimize the content in an efficient way.


As mentioned before, WordPress has an open source in which you can create a custom web page from scratch. It also offers the option of pre-designed templates. These are very useful especially for people who do not have much knowledge of programming or web design.

There are many web designers on the market who dedicate part of their time and talent to creating pre-designed templates with very attractive designs. These manage to capture the attention of your target audience. There are many options and you can choose the one that best suits your type of business. In addition, these predesigned templates can be modified, choosing the typography, the colors, or the organization of the different sections within the web page.

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There is a wide variety of free pre-designed templates, but there are also paid themed ones. The paid ones are usually a little more complete and offer all kinds of functions. This does not mean that with a free template you can get an attractive and professional design. One of the advantages of paid templates is that they usually include updates and the necessary support, contact with a team of programmers who will help you throughout the process.


E-commerce is the platform used to carry out a purchase-sale transaction in digital media, that is, on the Internet. It is a sector that has not stopped growing in recent years. Especially after the appearance of covid-19. Many businesses have transferred part of the products they offered through the physical store, to an online store. With this they manage to reach a greater number of people, regardless of their location.

Creating an online store can be relatively simple, but it is necessary to take certain elements into account. To make the online store secure, it is necessary to have certain security elements. The positive part is that WordPress has specific templates to create online stores that include all these types of elements.

Premium plans within WordPress

WordPress, in addition to having a large space that is completely free, has the option of contracting premium plans. It is a very interesting option, which offers good services for a not very high price. The main advantage of this paid plan is that you can create a web page without having any idea about web programming in WordPress. It is a specialized hosting service, perfect for people who do not have much idea about programming. 

A web page with a premium plan within WordPress is as simple as configuring a couple of options and starting to create content to publish. On the other hand, within the free WordPress section, you must have basic knowledge of web design and programming to start.

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WordPress Disadvantages

In the market there are other tools similar to WordPress that you can use to create your website. In this section you will learn about the two main advantages of WordPress. Even so, this platform has a large number of users who have trusted it for many years, obtaining very good results. It is one of the most important on the Internet. In any case, you must choose the platform that best suits the needs of you and your business.

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WordPress hub limitations

Previously we have seen the advantages of the software that WordPress has. The negative part is that if you create a web page, not all the tools or problems can be solved with a plugin. Depending on the needs of your company and those of your clients, it is necessary to be clear in advance what type of page you want to create.

If your company needs special design features, for example, it may be better to not use this platform and create a custom design from scratch. In the end, when using certain templates, there is a certain limitation when it comes to designing all the elements within the web page.

Limited customization

WordPress has many themes in which there are different options to modify. Certain things are complicated to edit and require specialized web programming knowledge to do so. If your website does not need a specific design or programming, perhaps you can cover the needs with the elements and options that WordPress has.

Charging speed

If your website requires the installation of many plugins, the loading speed will decrease. These increase the weight of the website, if they slow down the loading of users. This is an element to take into account, since nobody likes having to wait a long time to view the content of a web page.

The positive part is that you can fix this problem. You just have to look for a tool that analyzes the speed of your website, and solve the problems by optimizing it in an efficient way.

It has certain vulnerabilities

Perhaps the most positive part of WordPress is also a great disadvantage. As it is an open code, anyone can make that code and find sites to access, reducing security. For this reason, it is recommended that after installing WordPress, you use extra security tools within the web page. In addition, it is advisable to keep the website updated to avoid any type of cyber attack.

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