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Check out the live results for the Kerala Lottery drawn on Saturday, December 23, 2023 – Karunya KR-633. The Karunya KR lottery is part of the weekly series of 7 draws. Every Saturday at 3 PM, the Kerala Lottery conducts the “Karunya KR” draw. Each lottery has a unique alphanumeric code, and the code for the Kerala “Karunya KR” lottery is “KR,” representing the draw number and code. The grand prize winner of this draw will walk away with an impressive 80 lakh rupees. For the full list of winners of the Kerala ‘Karunya KR-633’ draw, scroll down.

Live results for the Kerala Lottery drawn on Saturday, December 23, 2023, for “Karunya KR-633” were announced by the Kerala lottery department on behalf of the government of Kerala. The draw took place at Gorky Bhavan Near Bakery Junction in Thiruvananthapuram. This specific lottery is part of a series of 12 different ones that the Kerala State Lotteries department releases, subject to change. Each week, there are 108 lakh tickets available for purchase. The top prize winner takes home an impressive 80 lakh rupees. For those eagerly awaiting the results, you can check the outcome for “Karunya KR-633” dated December 23, 2023, right here. Stay tuned to this website to catch the live results of the Kerala Lottery “Karunya KR-633” today.

To view the complete list of winning numbers for the “Karunya KR-633” lottery drawn on December 23, 2023:

1st Prize (Rs 80 Lakhs): KR 674793

2nd Prize (Rs 5 Lakhs): KT 127704

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3rd Prize (Rs 1 Lakh each): KN 209007, KO 993141, KP 838887, KR 992032, KS 864175, KT 139525, KU 109638, KV 394029, KW 224047, KX 843898, KY 449585, KZ 977120

Consolation Prize (Rs 8,000 each for tickets ending with the following numbers): KN 674793, KO 674793, KP 674793, KS 674793, KT 674793, KU 674793, KV 674793, KW 674793, KX 674793, KY 674793, KZ 674793

4th Prize (Rs 5,000 each for specific ticket endings): 0838, 0872, 1189, 2352, 2464, 2635, 2814, 3121, 3356, 3800, 4430, 6210, 6909, 7269, 7575, 8904, 8937, 9659

5th Prize (Rs 2,000 each for specific ticket endings): 0866, 2420, 2573, 4234, 4295, 4671, 6030, 6535, 7320, 8661

6th Prize (Rs 1,000 each for specific ticket endings): 0292, 0308, 0664, 1136, 1140, 1476, 2950, 3207, 5647, 6755, 7207, 7359, 8310, 8853

7th Prize (Rs 500 each for specific ticket endings): 0019, 0104, 0282, and so on…

8th Prize (Rs 100 each for specific ticket endings): 9772, 5630, 7748, and so on…

The Kerala Lottery result for December 23, 2023, details the prize distribution for different categories ranging from the first prize of 80 lakhs to consolation prizes. Remember, lottery play should be approached responsibly. The information shared here is for informational purposes only and should not be considered as advice or encouragement. TechnoMusk does not endorse lottery activities in any manner.

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