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The success of any business is entirely dependent on how things are managed in the business. While the simplicity is the key thing in the successful running of the business, our motto is to bring the best software and digital products which can simplify the business handling.

InfluencerSoft is one such digital product which simplify the various tasks handling such as Facebook marketing, landing pages, Google Adwords, visitor tracking and other such tasks like follow-ups and email marketing. Under InfluencerSoft Review, we will cover various aspects of InfluencerSoft like Features, Pricing, FAQs and alternatives.

What is InfluencerSoft?


InfluencerSoft is a visual way to create sales funnels which makes the monetization simple. InfluencerSoft is a complete marketing automation solution that covers together all the necessary marketing areas to allow you to manage things easily and in a collective manner and thus advertise and scale up your business.

InfluencerSoft Features

Check out the various features of InfluencerSoft as mentioned below:

  • It makes monetization simple
  • It makes handling of various marketing areas in a simple and collective way.
  • Simple drag-and-drop interface.
  • Easy to configure with few clicks.
  • Check the number of subscribers with ease.
  • Easy analysis of sales funnel.
  • More than 50 Premade high conversion templates.
  • Availability of various pages like subscription pages, payment pages, webinar pages, selling pages, and training pages, etc.
  • Mobile First Approach
  • Interactive blocks for live broadcasts i.e., you can display and edit call to action buttons during live broadcasts easily.
  • Repeat the recorded webinars for new viewers automatically.
  • Process mapping tool to process the sequence of actions to carry out the automation of your business.
  • Email scheduler to send one time email or to schedule an email series for new contacts.
  • InfluencerSoft is integrated with PayPal and stripe payment methods and thus you can accept payment through PayPal or stripe.
  •  Fully customizable sales pipeline
  • Option to create your course catalogue for your students having your logo and brand.
  • Sequential content delivery.
  • Option to create a survey of several pages of questions or blocks.
  • Connect affiliate marketers with ease.
  • Option to select “Last Click Wins” or “First Click Wins” or “First Registration Wins” kinds of methods of awarding affiliate commissions.
  • More than 2000 Apps Integration through Zapier.
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InfluencerSoft Pricing

There are 4 different InfluencerSoft pricing plans available with InfluencerSoft. Check out the below InfluencerSoft pricing as below:

  • Starter ($37 per month and $355 annually)
  • Professional ($97 per month and $931 annually)
  • Influencer ($177 per month and $1699 annually)
  • Enterprise (contact sales)

InfluencerSoft Pricing Comparison

Check out the InfluencerSoft Pricing Comparison as shown in the image below:

InfluencerSoft Pricing Comparison

InfluencerSoft Competitor Pricing

Checkout the InfluencerSoft Competitor Pricing to get a better insight of how InfluencerSoft perform against its peers. Here are the below mentioned pricing list:

  • InfluencerSoft ($177 per month)
  • Kajabi ($399 per month)
  • Infusionsoft ($299 per month)
  • ClickFunnels ($297 per month)

InfluencerSoft Competitor Pricing Comparison

Check out the below InfluencerSoft Competitor Pricing Comparison as shown in the image:

InfluencerSoft Competitor Pricing

InfluencerSoft FAQs

Check out the InfluencerSoft FAQs as listed below:

Is there any support option available at InfluencerSoft?

Yes, the support option is available with InfluencerSoft to resolve your issues and queries. Zendesk Chat support is available. You can also submit your request with InfluencerSoft.

Is there any trial option available at InfluencerSoft?

Yes, the InfluencerSoft offers $14 for 14 days trial offer.

Is InfluencerSoft safe?

Yes, InfluencerSoft is safe and secure as security is the top priority with InfluencerSoft.

Is there any website hosting price?

No, there is no website hosting cost at all. You have the offer to get 1000000 page views a month for unlimited domain names with InfluencerSoft which depends on plans opted for.

How easy is to transfer all systems and data over to InfluencerSoft?

Quite easy to transfer all systems and data over to InfluencerSoft.

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InfluencerSoft Alternatives

Here are the below names of InfluencerSoft Alternatives:

  • Kajabi
  • Infusionsoft
  • ClickFunnels

InfluencerSoft Login and Signup

Check out the below link for InfluencerSoft Login and Signup

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