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You may get confused between the terms “hot spring” and “Water Geyser“.

A Water Geyser is an appliance or a water heating system that is privately used in homes, unlike the hot spring that comes from deep inside the earth like a huge fountain and is heated geothermally. 


What exactly is Water Geyser? 

A Water Geyser is an appliance consisting of some heating elements which convert the electric elements into heat through the thermostats.

This heat further raises the temperature of water making it warm and soothing for constant working in cold weather. 

A water heater plays a vital role in bathrooms for bathing and washing clothes. In addition, it is used to ease household chores mostly in winters.

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Types of Water Heaters

There are several types of Water Heaters available in the market that includes:

  • Instant water heater

This water heater has a fair demand in India because it takes less time and energy to heat and several other advantages such as easy installation, environment-friendly,pocket-friendly. 

  • Instant Electric Water Heater

Instant water heaters are best for working couples because it takes very little time to heat and is also convenient to maintain. 

  • Instant Gas Water Heater

An instant gas Water Heater is easy to use as well as to maintain and doesn’t cost much. 

Now you know that a gas water heater is better than an electric one; because it is more economical. So, if you are worried about your increasing electricity bill then this could be a better option.

  • Heat Pump Water Heater
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The best part of this water heating system is that it takes the heat from its surroundings instead of generating its own, so it is preferred much in place with hot climatic conditions. Though it costs a bit high, it is recovered by the money it saves on electricity, so it is considered as an economical option.

Water Geyser
Water Geyser for Bathroom

Check out the best water geyser for bathroom as below:

  • Crompton Amica

Crompton Amica is a 5 star rated storage water heater with advanced level safety, smart shield corrosion protection, and much more.

You may be interested in the cost so we’ve mentioned an estimated price list below:

15 liters –   ₹6,690.00

10 liters –   ₹6,170.00 

25 liters –   ₹7,170.00

  • A.O. Smith Instant Water Heater

A.O. Smith Instant water heater is a perfect choice to fulfill the need for home decor as well as quality performance. 

It is one of the most compact and stylish with a powerful and fast heating system. And all these features are worth Rs 4600-4800.

That’s why we suggest A.O. Smith that offers incredible performance. 

  • Crompton Instant Water Heater

Compton graves 1WH 01PC instant Water Geyser with 1 liter of storage capacity are worth Rs 3,100 with various amazing features including its incredible look.

  • Bajaj Shakti Vertical Water Heater

Bajaj Shakti’s New Vertical water heater is 15 liters, high-quality geyser with special coating inside the tank to prevent it from rusting. This makes it more long-lasting and the multiple safety systems it provides adds a sparkle to it. 

This piece is best suitable for the bathroom with more vertical space on the wall as suggested by the name.

  • V-Guard Water Heater
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The V-Guard Pebble Shine water heater not only has a charming look that steals the heart at first sight but the features are also truly satisfying. 

This model has a safe shock module system, is energy efficient that helps you to minimize your electricity bill. And the CFC-free high density also maximizes heat retention to provide 100% user satisfaction.

The estimated price list is as follows:

6 liters    –  ₹7,677.00 

10 liters  –  ₹8,291.00 [without safe shock module]

10 liters  –  ₹9,315.00 [with safe shock module]

25 liters  –  ₹10,199.00 [without safe shock module]

25 liters  –  ₹11,465.00 [with safe shock module] 

and so on.


We’ve discussed the Best Water Geyser in India that is rated 5 stars for bathroom use and provides satisfactory services such as free installation, easy exchange/return (depending on the company policy guidelines), captivating appearance, and a lot more. 

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