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Nowadays, just as the Internet reveals hundreds of advantages for its users in various terms, it is also considered an environment that can be absolutely dangerous for Internet users. Since digital fraud exists and has been installed to stay, since cybercriminals increasingly have more tools to achieve their mission.

This being the case, it is a more common threat on online ecommerce or marketplace platforms, given that people can be attacked more quickly through this route. Because, attracted by their excellent discounts and the convenience they display to buy products from anywhere and regardless of the time, they are the ideal target.

Therefore, during their browsing experience, it is very likely that an Internet user will fall into the networks of a scammer. But, luckily, there is the possibility of making complaints easily and quickly, in case of being a victim of digital fraud and, for this reason; we present here how you can proceed in these circumstances.

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What are the main reasons I can report a website?

First of all, before learning how you can report a website, it is valuable to know that there are several reasons why an accusation can be issued effectively. So, digital scams are not the only admissible reason to prosecute a certain web platform that is active on the network.

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So, with the aim that you have full knowledge about how you can enforce the law in any embarrassing case for you, here we mention the main reasons why you can proceed to report a website in complete safety:

Inappropriate content

It is no secret to anyone that, currently, the digital world hosts an endless number of online pages that raise issues that are not suitable for children and young people, as well as for adults. Taking into account that this brings together all those sites that promote violence, racism, pornography and child abuse, terrorism, sects, drug trafficking, weapons and even anorexia or bulimia.

Therefore, if you come across a website of this type, you have all the freedom to report it and let the authorities take charge of initiating a judicial investigation so that the platform is reprimanded and even stops operating on the network.

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Privacy risks

In the event that the website uses your personal data without your prior consent, reveals personal information of a great nature or even uses your photographs without your approval, it would be breaking the law. Therefore, if you are a victim of any of these risks associated with your privacy as a user, you can report any website on the Internet.

In addition to that, if you are a victim of digital identity theft, you can also take legal action against the web. Whereas, this term refers to when a malicious person enters the account of another to obtain personal information in order to eliminate it to do harm, carry out extortion or blackmail, publish it to discredit, etc.

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This is one of the most frequent reasons why an Internet user decides to report a certain online platform. Taking into account that, mainly, they are carried out through apparent online stores or marketplaces, in order to gain the trust of the Internet user faster and thus obtain their money for a false purchase.

Added to this, among the different types of scams that exist, one known as the “Nigerian scam” stands out, which has globalized remarkably and is based on the illegal use of email marketing. In other words, the potential victim receives emails where they provide them with large sums of money and for this reason, they ask them to make a transfer or reveal their bank details. Thus, one of the most serious crimes present in the digital world today.

Content theft and plagiarism

Another of the worst offenses that can be committed on the Internet has to do with plagiarism and/or content theft. Which, in online terms, refers to the act of usurping or hijacking texts or audiovisual elements from other platforms without any permission and even more, without giving credit to the original source of that content. 

Therefore, the ease of access to information through the Internet is beneficial to some extent. Since, just as it is considered a window to expose your content in the digital world, it is also an easy mechanism to become a victim of plagiarism and for other people to take advantage of your talent without paying you anything. Thanks to that, there is now an admirable plagiarism control on the net and it is considered a sufficient cause to denounce any web page.

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Receive unwanted advertising

Believe it or not, sending advertisements without the user’s prior authorization is considered an illegal practice on the Internet. Being this, a route very managed by professionals, entrepreneurs or companies that, despite the fact that it seems usual, is actually breaking the law.

Consequently, if an Internet user receives unwanted advertising through their email, they can issue a complaint against the address that is sending them such ads and thus, the platform through which people do this without the consent of the complainant.

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