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There are some situations when the Salary doesn’t get credited and you are stuck with the rents and other expenses. While borrowing from someone could be an option to get an instant need of the cash, there are situations when you are seriously stucked in and there’s no way out.

You may also get the instant personal loans, and can also opt for the Credit Card Loans, but since these both options come with the downsides of their own, are there any other options left with the people. Let’s see, if there is any other option in front of you for your early salary needs, Check out some websites that offer Early Salary

Early Salary

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Early Salary is the one sole leader in the Indian Market for the Early Salary Needs. Thus, if you aren’t sure how to manage your expenses in absence of your salary and no one’s out there to help you, the Early Salary must be the first option to touch for your instant cash needs. Get hassle-free advance salary within minutes.

Here are some of the features of the Early Salary:

  • Low Borrowing Fees
  • Fully Digital Journey
  • Quick & Secure
  • Instant Approval
  • Get Salary Advance Up to Rs 2 lacs starting at Just Rs 9/Day. Pay Only for the number of Days you use the Money
  • Avail Cash Transfer Directly To Your Bank Account
  • You Get To Use Your Money for Anything and Everything

The Early Salary offers a very comfortable option to the employees to get the instant cash for their needs and thus offer them the relaxation even if it’s the month end. At just Rs. 9 per day, you are entitled to get the instant personal loans for your needs and thus help you cover your cash needs.

With no prepayment charges and instant cash transfer, the loan seekers are completely free from all sorts of hassle. With the presence of Mobile Apps on Android and IOS, the task even gets easier.  All you need to download the app and with the uploading of some minimum documentation, you are all set to go!

Also, the Early Salary is coming soon with the options like Early Salary Card and thus will be offering you with the convenience like EMI on the go facility and also with dynamic borrowing limit.

Flex Salary

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With Flex Salary, a person is liable to get instant cash loan up to Rs. 2 Lakh against salary anytime. The Flexi Salary is a way to the personal loan with no fixed EMI and thus covers your cash crunch situations instantly.

Here are some salient features of the Flex Salary

  • One-time application and a person need not apply every time with a new application every time
  • One-time approval
  • Instant disbursals within minutes
  • Option to access your credit anytime
  • There is no fixed loan tenure and it completely depends on you to decide the loan tenure
  • The repayment can be done in either as a minimum amount or in full, depending on your mood
  • There’s no prepayment penalty

Enjoy the option to get instant cash option for your various needs and demands. Get the instant cash disbursal at your needs with the Flex Salary.

Edelweiss Salary Advance Loan

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Edelweiss Salary Advance Loan - instant Early Salary

Just another option for the people who are looking for the early salary option, Edelweiss Salary Advance Loan is an option for those needy people. Offering the option to the Instant cash disbursal, it’s a unique product designed by Edelweiss and is intended to meet the short-term needs of salaried employees.

Here are some Salient Features of the Edelweiss Salary Advance Loan:

  • Enjoy the advantage of no Processing charges at all
  • In case, a person chose not to prepay, Edelweiss Salary Advance Loan offer 4% Pre-payment Cashback on the amount prepaid

There are still lots of rooms when it comes to the early salary availability to the salaried employees. Keep visiting the page, as it will be updated as and when required over the availability of many other options for your Early Salary Needs.

What are the Best Websites for Early Salary?

Here is the list of Best Websites for Early Salary:

  • Early Salary
  • Flex Salary
  • Edelweiss Salary Advance Loan

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