The top-rated Import-Export plugins for WooCommerce

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Importing and exporting WooCommerce data is an integral part of managing online stores. Even though this is not a daily occurrence, a WooCommerce store owner may have to import and export data during certain situations. It can be for migrating data between sites, keeping a backup of your data, or for just updating the WooCommerce data in your store. In addition to these, there are several scenarios where importing and exporting WooCommerce data may seem necessary.

You will need dedicated third-party import and export plugins to aid with data transfer. This is because of the severe limitations of the built-in import export tools in WordPress and WooCommerce.

We will be looking into some of the most popular import and export plugins in WordPress. We have selected these plugins by considering the total number of active installations, ratings, and reviews. So here we go!

Order, Coupons, Subscription Export Import for WooCommerce

Order, Coupons, Subscription Export Import for WooCommerce

This is a dedicated plugin designed to move around order and coupon data in your WordPress store. The plugin is available in two different versions. The first one is the basic version. This is completely free and is available for download at WordPress. The second version is an advanced one containing all features of the basic version, plus, all advanced configurations required for importing and exporting WooCommerce data.

The order and coupon import export plugin let you import and export order and coupon data in your store to/from a CSV or XML file. The plugin also contains some basic customizations that you may require to extract the exact data for your use case.

The order, coupon, and subscription data migration plugin offer several additional customizations such as scheduling import and export. One of the main features of this plugin is its ability to import and export subscription order-related data. This version of the plugin supports CSV, XML, TSV, XLS, and XLSX file formats. You can also carry out precise imports and exports with a comprehensive set of data filters and mapping options.

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WP All Import

WP All Import

WP All Import is one of the most common data import plugins for WooCommerce. The plugin lets you import all your WooCommerce data in just 4 simple steps. The tool uses an intuitive drag-and-drop interface which makes the plugin simple and easy to use.

The plugin supports import from any XML and CSV files. You can use the plugin from migrating platforms to even upload data to live feed sites. With this plugin, you can export WooCommerce products, orders, users, and even posts on your website.

In addition to the free version, a premium version is also available for this plugin. You can avail of advanced features such as scheduling import, importing from URL, and more with this premium plugin. The advanced plugin also lets you import images in your files to the post-media gallery. Importing data to custom fields and executing custom PHP functions can also be done using this plugin.

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WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export

WordPress Users & WooCommerce Customers Import Export

This plugin from WebToffee is a user import export plugin with which you can move both the users and customers in your WordPress and WooCommerce. This single plugin enables you to export the user and customer data to two separate files.

This freemium plugin employs a batch export and import technique. This enables you to have tight control over the import and export process. The free version of the plugin supports CSV and XML file formats. It also enables you to export and import based on the user roles, user email, and date range. You can also retain the passwords of the users during the migration. The plugin also enables you to bulk edit your data during import. This is a quick workaround for bulk editing data in WordPress.

The premium version of the user and customer import export plugin offers several features such as scheduling the import and export actions, support for XLS, XLSX, and TSV in addition to CSV and XML, and much more. The premium plugin also houses several advanced filters, customizations, and options to filter the exact data to be extracted and imported. The plugin even supports the transfer of custom metadata. You can filter the users by their roles, emails, and date.

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WP Import Export Lite

WP Import Export Lite

The WordPress import and export is a free plugin that enables you to import and export site data. The plugin gives you a great way to manage WordPress site data. It enables you to import and export pages, posts, custom post types, comments, taxonomies, and users.

The plugin lets you pause, resume or stop the import and export process anytime you want. You may even set up a background import export without disturbing the foreground processes. The plugin even allows you to carry out multiple import and export processes at a time. You may also use the powerful import and export filters during the data transfer.

You can also get drag-and-drop field mapping options, multiple file format support, and even the import process log with this free plugin. The plugin also has compatibility with over 19 freemium plugins to deliver multiple plugin support.

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Import Export Suite for WooCommerce

Import Export Suite for WooCommerce

WooCommerce import export suite is an umbrella plugin that offers the import and export of WooCommerce customers, users, orders, coupons, subscriptions, and products. You may also import and export the data regarding product reviews, ratings, and comments.

The import and export suite for the WooCommerce plugin supports CSV, XML, TSV, XLS, and XLSX file formats. The plugin offers data export mechanisms. It includes quick export, advanced export, and even export based on pre-saved templates. Quick export is the fastest method to export data. It helps you export all of the basic necessary data that you may require in just three clicks. Advanced export is the way to go if you want to extensively control the data that you want to import or export. With several filters and mapping options, you can seamlessly export only the required data with advanced export.

If you have regular requirements for exporting data, you may save the commonly used export configurations to a template. You can use this template the next time you export the data. This would make the export process faster and a lot easier. Similarly, the plugin offers multiple import options too. The plugin supports batch export and import and even lets you schedule the processes at a later point in time.

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Price and Stock Import

Price and Stock Import

The price and stock import is a premium WooCommerce import plugin with which you can update the price and stock information in your store with a CSV file. This plugin is specifically designed to update the price and stock details in bulk. This is because WooCommerce doesn’t have a bulk update mechanism.

The plugin helps you make price and stock management easier and relieves you from handling complicated spreadsheets. This works in three simple steps. First export the details that you want to a CSV file using the plugin. Then update the data that you want to change. Editing the spreadsheet makes it easy for you to change data in bulk. You can then import the changed data back to your website. This would update the existing data in your store.

You can even review the updates that you have made using the import test tool. This dramatically reduces the possibility of errors. An error in pricing or stock status can have drastic impacts on sales. This would help alleviate it. 

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Customizer Export/Import

Customizer Export/Import

Many WordPress themes make use of the WordPress customizer to manage their settings. With the customizer import and export plugin, you can import and export the customer settings from its own interface. Moreover, the export process is highly simplified. All you have to do is click on the export button inside the customizer. This will initiate the export file download.

The export file will carry the same name as the theme. You can use this export file to update the settings of the same theme or any of its child themes. The import process for importing the customizer themes is also very easy. All you need to do is select the file to be imported and choose whether you would like to download or import the images. You can then click on import to start the import.

Widget Importer & Exporter

Widget Importer & Exporter

Moving widgets from one WordPress site to another can be a requirement when you are migrating websites. However, the usual import and export plugins do not support migrating widgets. The widget importer and exporter plugin lets you move widgets, back up widgets, and even share widgets.

When you import the widgets to your WordPress site, the results of the import will be shown in a tabular format with proper explanations. Also, the import process will take into account the areas which are not currently allocated for widgets in the current theme. Widgets in such areas will be imported as inactive.

Similarly, it will also check if there are other widgets currently occupying the same area. Those widgets will not be duplicated. Also, some widgets may not be supported by the site, the importer will not import those widgets.

The export tool in this plugin exports widgets in JSON file format with the .wie extension. You can import this export file to other websites if required. You can even use this file to restore the widget configurations of the same site.

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Import all XML, CSV & TXT into WordPress

Import all XML, CSV & TXT into WordPress

Importing data to your websites can be made easier with this free data importer plugin Import all XML, CSV, and TXT into WordPress. The plugin supports the import of different types of data such as content (blogs, pages, and media), WordPress custom fields, taxonomies (tags and categories), comments, and reviews.

The plugin even supports the import of custom posts built with CPT UI, Pods, Toolsets, WP default, CustomPress, and JetEngine. With this plugin, you can import data in just 6 simple steps. It includes uploading the file, selecting the data type, mapping the data, adding any external images if required, setting up advanced options, and then importing.

You can import files having XML, CSV, and TXT file formats using this plugin. The plugin also offers a real-time data log in which all the import activities will be recorded.

Product Reviews Import and Export for WooCommerce

Product Reviews Import and Export for WooCommerce

One of the biggest disadvantages of moving data to another store is that you will lose all the reviews that your product receives. The normal product import export plugins in WordPress will not take this into consideration. This can have a negative impact on product sales as it would lose all its upvotes.

To remedy this, you can take advantage of the product reviews import and export plugin for WooCommerce. The plugin supports CSV files and uses product SKUs to distinguish products from one another.

You may also use this plugin to import product reviews from a different platform to WordPress. All you have to do for this is to edit the CSV file to a pre-set format that is supported by the plugin. You can then import a CSV file with the reviews to your store with zero hassles.

You can even upgrade this plugin to a premium version. The premium version of this WooCommerce product review import-export plugin lets you import and export all kinds of WooCommerce products, filter products, reviews, and more.


Importing and exporting is a mundane task that often consumes a large chunk of your time. But, it doesn’t have to be that. You can make these repetitive tasks a no burden with the help of the plugins listed above.

WooCommerce contains different kinds of data. You may need different kinds of tools to move different kinds of data. We have covered import and export plugins for most of the data types available on WordPress. The plugins are selected based on their popularity. Note that some of the plugins listed above are not free and may require license purchasing. So be mindful of that while choosing them.

Hope this article was helpful. Do let us know if we have missed anything in the comments.

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