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Are you a shopping addict? Are you fond of shopping online, without caring much on your pocket and to other aspects? What points do you care of, while shopping online, or you are more of a free bird while online shopping?

But How to stay safe online shopping?

You must have read several headlines, on several frauds and credit cards hacks etc! So, don’t you feel the need to stay safe while shopping online?

While, some of you may have been talking extreme care, while shopping online, there are still souls left out, who really don’t care much about security and safety of their cards. For those, TechnoMusk brings an article, which offers you Tips for Safe Online Shopping.

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#1 Safe Online Shopping Tips

Shop at secure websites only

There are hundreds of websites available online. Most of the times, it has been seen that online shopping addicts fall prey to the mouthwatering deals and offers and land on fraud websites. So, securing yourself against those frauds and unknown website and staying loyal customers to the big names will be a better idea, even the number of deals are a very few. Also, while using websites, make a habit to check id the website contain https version. Http with an ‘S’ offers an additional layer of security.

#2 Safe Online Shopping Tips

Be extra careful while at mobile

Comparatively, mobiles are less safe than the desktops and laptops. The desktops and laptops, in most cases, contains antivirus which guards your desktops and laptops in a much better than the mobiles. It has been seen that the mobiles are well equipped to handle the hackers. Thus considering your security, it would be better if you opt for online shopping through laptops and desktops.

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#3 Safe Online Shopping Tips

Skip the Credit Cards and Debit Cards as much as possible

online shopping

Try to use your credit cards and debit cards as less as you can while shopping online. In fact, there are many websites which offer COD Facility to the customers and even pay through different modes of payment, and you can just directly load the money in your online wallet and pay through the wallet. In case, you have to use the Credit Card or a Debit Card, better if you use the Credit Card, as it got more protection as compared to the Debit Cards.

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#4 Safe Online Shopping Tips

Never use public Wi-Fi for shopping online

Always remember that anytime, you are entering the data on to the public network, you are inviting lots of troubles for yourself. Your chances of being theft and hacked increases multiple times when you are on the public network and feeding in important and secure data like credit and debit cards details. You must remember that most Wi-Fi isn’t encrypted at all and thus the hacker all need is a good software and you are theft away easily. So, if you wanna risk yourself, opt for the public Wi-Fi for shopping online, next time surely!

#5 Safe Online Shopping Tips

Check your deductions frequently

We would advise you to keep tabs on your deductions frequently. Most of the times, any fraudulent activities are being protected by the credit card companies. However, it’s your responsibility to cross check every deduction happened in your account. If you feel anything fishy, contact your credit card or debit Card Company immediately, and hope they will solve your troubles.

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#6 Safe Online Shopping Tips

Change your passwords regularly

Make a habit to change your passwords frequently. While, the banks and other financial agencies, made it mandatory to change the passwords, every 3 months, you can do it every month, if you are fond of online shopping and are involved in lots of online shopping.

#7 Safe Online Shopping Tips

Don’t store the card details online

Never, in any case, store the information of your credit cards and debit cards online. There are several places, where you can store your sensitive data, and the best place on earth is your Brain! Isn’t it? Even, it has been seen that there are several websites which store the card details online by default. Thus, make sure that every time, you use your card online; the card details aren’t stored in your profile or elsewhere.

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#8 Safe Online Shopping Tips

Don’t click on links in your emails

There are several spams through emails. It has been a study that the main reasons and easiest ways to identity theft are the spammy links and emails, which arrive in your emails. Whenever, you are completed to click on any link, check if the mail arrived from the real genuine sender. Instead, type in the address at the address bar of your browser and check for the deals and offers sent to you at your email. Clicking on any malignant links may hack your pc and you may never know.

#9 Safe Online Shopping Tips

Keep updating your browser regularly

In an effort to maintain a distance from any theft, it would be recommended if you opt for updating your browser regularly. The updates at the browsers are most often intended to provide better security against constantly updated virus and malicious codes. The browser updates are aimed at equipping itself with better arms to deals with harmful codes, virus, and other malicious codes.

So, the next time, you opt for online shopping, try to keep these safety tips in mind!

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