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Have you ever composed a blog post or a web article? If yes, then you must know how much effort goes into the research for the required content, plan for writing strategy and optimizing published content.

A lot of details need to be included to create such content that does it all, attracts the readers, provides complete and transparent information, turns visitors into permanent clients, and ranks on top of search engines.

All content writers know the feeling that comes when you check the clock and find out that several hours have been passed in just mapping words into the ideas that were in your mind before writing. In the end, plagiarism check is one of the essentials to make sure your content is unique and going to rank good.

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Content writing is a challenging job. Once you set yourself up as an expert writer or blogger, you should be ready to wear many contrasting hats. So how can writers produce content that completes all the above requirements? There are some most excellent tools and resources that can help you and improve the content writing process.

Top Content Writing Tools

Plagiarism checker

One of the best tools available for content writing is a plagiarism checker. Plagiarism checker free tool is the most powerful way to inspect your writings for any red indication that may suggest plagiarism.

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An essential activity for all writers is to check for plagiarism as no one wants to take any chance of being accused of this offence. The following are some reasons to use a plagiarism check tool.

  • One of the main reasons to use plagiarism check is that this tool highlights the plagiarized lines, it helps a lot to rewrite it as per requirement.
  • Check for plagiarism shows a similarity percentage, which helps the writer to find out the exact per cent of plagiarism in his/her content. Almost all universities use plagiarism check tools like to check papers for plagiarism. When students and instructors use this web tool to check assignments or quizzes, a similarity percentage is given.
  • Check for plagiarism satisfies you that your content is unique. Usually, all plagiarism checker free tools allow users to download a comprehensive plagiarism report. This report can be used as proof that your content is unique.
  • Plagiarism check also helps in improving paraphrasing abilities as it highlights plagiarized content red so the user can paraphrase copied lines to make it unique. is one of an example of plagiarism checker free tool available online having features as mentioned above. This tool also offers its users to upload files to check plagiarism or enter URL of the site whose plagiarism is required to be check directly.

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Paraphrasing tool

After conducting a plagiarism check, the user needs to rewrite his/her content to remove plagiarism. Rewriting tool modifies the content and replaces words with their synonyms.

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By just doing this, plagiarism gets removed, and the user receives plagiarism free content within minutes. Paraphrasing tool by SmallSEOTools, not only rewrites content but also displays suggestions in different colours.

Users can change recommendations according to his/her requirement. After plagiarism check, if a user gets any plagiarized source, then it’s vital to rewrite it, and here Paraphrasing tool shows its magic.

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Grammar Checker

Content is considered as the king of search engine optimization. If you want to take your site on top, then content should be the best and error-free. For this, the grammar checker tool is required. Just copy-paste your content, and it will highlight all grammatical errors within minutes.

Grammar check by is considered one of the most exceptional tools to be used for this purpose. Users can upload a document directly from his/her computer to avoid the struggle of copy-pasting it.

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Spell Check

If you are not proficient in the English language and make spell mistakes while writing, then it’s not a problem anymore. Spell checking tool determines the accuracy of the word spell. This tool highlights incorrect spellings and provides the correct spelling against that particular word.

Some spell checking applications change the wrong words automatically if the setting is activated. Spell Check by Search engine reports is considered the most effective spell checker. This tool also allows users to directly upload the file from the computer or Dropbox to check out spelling mistakes.

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Keyword Suggestion Tool

Without inserting keywords in content, the web would be a place without a direction. If you are unable to generate enough of the right keywords and optimize for the same, then you won’t be able to reach out to the right traffic, it will affect your sales, and ultimately you will have to face loss in revenue.

The keyword suggestion tool suggests you the keywords you can use in your content. Keyword suggestion tool by Small SEO Tools allows you to generate an unlimited stream of keywords that helps you out in your writing, marketing, and search engine optimization for sure.

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