Top 50 Websites in USA

Top 50 Websites in USA

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Stepping into the year 2019, we must be happy celebrating our holidays and just about to return to the normal routine and daily life. Some of us will be so busy that browsing the internet and our favorite websites, seems difficult, while other while working at the office (during their leisure time), must be browsing the internet and searching for websites for spending time on. Some of you must be reading this article, in search of something new and interesting!

How many of you are aware of any such list, which offers you an insight into what are the top websites in your country. While we can’t cover each and every country, at least we can cover some of those, on a periodical basis. Kickstarting our journey; let’s start the journey for the Top 50 websites in USA. Are you really interested to read the article and get to know which the top websites in USA are! Here’s the list:

World’s biggest search engine, has a lot to offer to the users around the world. It also offers a range of products to the users who are looking for various needs and demands.

YouTube is world’s biggest Video Platform to get your videos to the people which matters a lot. Upload, tag and share your videos!

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It is the most popular social media website that connects people all over the world, to keep up with friends, upload photos, share links and a lot. Now, Facebook has evolved more like a marketplace for businesses

User-generated news links, where Votes at the news allows the stories to climb to the front page.

A free encyclopedia built collaboratively using wiki software ranks among Top 50 websites in USA.

Yahoo is the Major internet portal and service provider, which offer search results and a lot of  customizable content etc

Social networking and microblogging service, Twitter is among Top 50 websites in USA, utilizes the messaging and tweets to connect people across the globe. A very powerful marketplace just like Facebook.

International person to the person auction site, with products sorted into categories and a lot to offer to the people looking to buy stuff.

Video subscription-based streaming platform.

A Social Media platform where the images play an important role and is a very powerful platform for marketers ranks among Top 50 websites in USA.

A networking tool to find connections to recommended job candidates, industry experts and business. Linked is a professional network where the connects with each other across the global boundaries

Live streaming video platform where people have access to the monthly games and in-game loot, exclusives, and access to hundreds of movies & TV shows with Prime Video

An adult website, where the Streaming high and standard definition movies. And related content is featured.

Just another Porn website, which is more of a video sharing website, related to the niche finds its place in Top 50 websites in USA

Another Porn website featuring in the list of Top 50 Websites in USA, which has more than 5 million videos to access for the porn lovers across the world.

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A giant in the industry with products like Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint etc

Sports news network ESPN FC is something which is an absolute love for the sports lovers across the world is a Search engine from Microsoft.

Imgur, another website in the list of top 50 websites in USA is the Internet’s visual storytelling community.

Online payment service for people, which allows users to send money and bills across the world

Watch live cams with no fee for porn lovers. This adult website is just another in the list of Top 50 websites in USA

Buying and selling platform finds its place in the list of top 50 websites in USA.

Search engine developed by Microsoft, features web, image, video, local, news, and product search just like Google, but very far behind in the competition.

The largest banking company in the United States, finds its place in top websites in USA.

Online business resource with industry-specific news and analysis, tools and access to relevant products

New portal offering all latest information

Twitter link service portal finds its place in the list of top 50 websites in USA.

Pinterest is an online pinboard: a place where you can post collections of things you love. Also, a place for business owners to market their products

Imbd is a platform where you can get the reviews and summaries etc of movies, serials, and others in the niche.

A retail giant in USA, finds its place in the list of top 50 websites in USA

Another porn website, just like, live is a live streaming adult website, where you can have access to the videos live and others. Also, you can access to several other features at this website.

Wiki or currently known as fandom is a voice to fans need for entertainment.

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A free blog hosting platform, offers a platform to the lovers of social media, who like to share videos, love to blog, post images and other such tasks

Official site of Apple, with all the needed details of products and services under the banner of Apple.

The main website of Microsoft, IT Giants which features product information, support, and news.

The online edition of the newspaper’s news and commentary.

Instructure makes software that makes smarter people. Products include Canvas LMS, Bridge and Canvas Network

Ad-supported streaming television shows and movies, is a website which includes all these videos in high definition. is a desktop software offering a chance to listen to music by streaming with the possibility to create and share music across

GitHub is the world’s leading place to share code with friends, co-workers, and classmates is an on-demand customer relationship management (CRM) software services company which finds its place in the list of top 50 websites in USA

The marketplace of individual sellers/creators of handmade or vintage items, art, and supplies. website finds its place in the list of top 50 websites in USA.

Yelp is the review website, where the users can find their places and can review them. You will get everything here, from local shops to big restaurants.

Connects customers to essential financial services 24 hours a day — by ATM, phone etc, a real estate niche website finds its place in the list of top 50 websites in USA. Worthy to get the rankings within Top 50.

User-based content syndication platform is in the list of the USA’s Top 50 websites

A Google Product, offers a free to use blogging platform, where the user can create their own website also find itself in the list of Top 50 websites in USA.

International retailer of consumer electronics and entertainment software under the names Bestbuy finds its place in the list of top 50 websites in USA.

The list of Top 50 websites in USA has been created by TechnoMusk taking into consideration of traffic stats and popularity stats as fathered Online. Any discrepancy in the rankings is possible. Also, keep in mind that the rankings keep on changing with time!

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